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Criteria : (FORD MONDEO) for the date range 01/1/1992 to 01/1/2020
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# Launch DateRecalls NumberMakeModel(s)ConcernVIN StartVIN EndBuild StartBuild End
1 22/09/1993 R/1993/058 FORD Mondeo handbrake operation (continued) Defect Details
B] On saloon and estate vehicles slight sticking of components within the handbrake mechanism may lead the driver to believe the handbrake to be fully applied when this is not the case.
NY,NS,NT,PJ,PU,PM,PP,PB,PR 01/10/1992 11/06/1993
2 22/09/1993 R/1993/058 FORD All Modeo estate vehicles rear suspension bolts and handbrake operation Defect Details
A] On estate vehicles the rear suspension side arm to knuckle bolts may loosen and in extreme cases detach completely from the vehicle. This would adversely affect vehicle stability.
NY,NS,NT,PJ,PU,PM,PP,PB,PR 01/10/1992 07/06/1993
3 26/09/1994 R/1994/038 FORD Mondeo failure of headlamps Defect Details
A possibility exists that excessive torque generated when turning on the headlamp switch may induce an internal open circuit and cause the headlamps to go out.
1992 - NY NS NT 01/10/1992 14/07/1993
4 31/03/1995 R/1995/011 FORD Mondeo possibility of static sparking during refuelling Defect Details
It is possible that a static electric spark from the metal shield surrounding the fuel filler pipe may be generated during refuelling.
RP,RB,RR 01/08/1994 28/10/1994
5 24/08/1995 R/1995/081 FORD Fiesta, Escort and Mondeo with 1.8 diesel failure of braking system vacuum assistance Defect Details
Due to possible misassembly the brake vacuum pump may cease to provide vacuum assistance on braking.
19/06/1995 17/08/1995
6 23/01/1996 R/1996/022 FORD Fiesta, Escort and Mondeo failure of braking system vacuum assistance Defect Details
The brake vacuum pump may cease to provide vacuum assistance. Should this occur greater brake pedal pressure would be needed and stopping distances may be increased.
7 15/03/1996 R/1996/040 FORD Mondeo (Except V6 variants) possible failure of offside front brake caliper Defect Details
It is possible that some Mondeo vehicles may have been fitted with a right hand front brake caliper where the casting is not to specification. In time this may result in fluid leakage with the loss of one brake circuit.
SU 10/10/1995 12/10/1995
8 17/04/1998 R/1998/033 FORD Mondeo V6 vehicles (fitted with ABS/TCS) anti lock brake system may cease to function due to electrostatic discharge Defect Details
An electrostatic discharge may cause the anti-lock braking system to shut down. The ABS warning lamp will not indicate this to the driver and could result in a wheel lock-up situation under extreme braking conditions.
WL 01/12/1997 30/01/1998
9 09/06/1998 R/1998/037 FORD Escort, Mondeo and Scorpio unexpected deployment of passenger air bag Defect Details
Unexpected passenger air bag deployment due to an electrostatic discharge through the air bag igniter.
01/08/1996 28/02/1998
10 23/02/1999 R/1999/005 FORD Mondeo possibility of chafing damage to front seat belt webbing Defect Details
It is possible that on some Mondeo vehicles the lower part of the front seat belts may contact the edge of the backrest recliner mechanism housing behind the seat valance. Repeated contact of this nature may eventually cause damage to the seat belt webbing. this concern does not affect seats with 6 way power adjust as these have a unique recliner mechanism and housing.
SY, SS, ST, SJ, SU, SM, SP, TB, TR, TA, TG, TC, TK, TD, TE, TL, TY, TS, TT, VJ 05/06/1995 24/09/1997
11 07/10/1999 R/1999/084 FORD Focus, Mondeo and Cougar door latch concern Defect Details
Some vehicles have been built with door latches which may not be to specification. An internal plastic pawl within the assembly may seize which results in the latch failing to function as designed preventing the door being securely shut.
03/09/1998 18/11/1998
12 30/05/2000 R/2000/042 FORD Mondeo (without ABS) brake fluid may leak from pressure limiting valve Defect Details
Corrosion of the rear brake pressure limiting valve may allow brake fluid to leak from a joint.
Various 02/01/1996 07/08/1998
13 20/12/2000 R/2000/154 FORD Mondeo possible malfunction of airbag(s) Defect Details
Malfunction of the Airbag control module may result in possible premature deployment of the side curtain Airbag[s].
01/06/2000 27/07/2000
14 21/08/2001 R/2001/117 FORD Mondeo (CD132) water ingress into speed control unit Defect Details
Speed control cable [cruise control] to speed control actuator [bayonet] connection could be assembled incorrectly allowing water ingress and subsequent corrosion to the speed control actuator working parts. This could cause the speed control unit to become inoperative or result in its seizure in the selected cruising speed position.
YY, YS, YT,1J, 1U, 1M, 1P, 1B, 1R, 1A 01/10/2000 31/07/2001
15 08/10/2001 R/2001/113 FORD Mondeo and Cougar parking brake ratchet concern Defect Details
The design of the parking brake ratchet teeth can allow a partial engagement resulting in damage to the tooth which can then slip to the next tooth. If ignored the wear will continue on the next tooth and the efficiency of the parking brake may become insufficient to hold the vehicle in place.
XS, XT, XJ, XU, XM, XP, YB, YR, YA, YG & YC 01/11/1999 01/05/2000
16 20/04/2002 R/2002/018 FORD Mondeo parking brake concern. Defect Details
Under certain parking conditions the vehicle handbrake may not prevent the vehicle from moving.
Various 01/10/2000 05/07/2001
17 10/07/2002 R/2002/088 FORD MONDEO battery cable may chafe and short circuit Defect Details
Battery cable may chafe on transmission valve cover plate.
01/06/2000 31/05/2002
18 03/02/2003 R/2003/007 FORD MONDEO ST220 power steering pressure hose may chafe on engine inlet manifold. Defect Details
The power steering pressure hose may chafe on the engine inlet manifold. This could ultimately result in an oil leak and a loss of power assistance to the steering.
05/03/2002 14/11/2002
19 04/08/2003 R/2003/083 FORD MONDEO modification of handbrake lever Defect Details
The handbrake may not hold the vehicle stationary when parked if it is not applied as directed in the owner literature.
20 30/04/2004 R/2004/065 FORD Mondeo there is a possibility of unexpected braking. Defect Details
Yaw rate sensor out of specification the effect of which may result in unexpected braking
17/02/2004 11/03/2004
21 02/08/2004 R/2004/132 FORD MONDEO possible unexpected braking. Defect Details
The yaw rate sensor may be out of specification which may lead to unexpected braking
22/06/2004 09/07/2004
22 09/04/2009 R/2009/043 FORD Galaxy and Mondeo abs may not function correctly Defect Details
The brakes may lock up under emergency braking conditions due to valves in the hydraulic control unit being of incorrect specification.
23 21/05/2009 R/2009/050 FORD Focus, C-Max, S-Max, Kuga, Galaxy & Mondeo fitted with 2.0L Duratourq TDCi Engine hard brake pedal may occur during engine warm up Defect Details
During engine warm up it is possible that the non return valve within the vacuum pump may stick. It is possible that if sufficient brake applications are made before the valve releases the vacuum stored within the brake booster will be used up and a hard brake pedal and longer stopping distances may result.
01/11/2008 12/03/2009
24 18/05/2011 R/2011/040 FORD Mondeo, Galaxy and S-Max headlights and indicators may malfuntion Defect Details
Vehicles affected could demonstrate symptoms such as headlamps and indicators flashing unintentionally and/or headlamps switching off. The concern is due to software errors.
25 13/09/2013 R/2013/103 FORD Mondeo, Galaxy and S-Max fire may occur Defect Details
It is possible that a leak can occur between the injector spill rail connection and the plastic fuel return pipe. This can cause leakage of fuel which can either pool on the engine cylinder head and then become deposited onto the road surface where it could cause a skid risk to other motorist or if the fuel comes into contact with extremely hot engine components an exhaust manifold for instance it is possible that an under bonnet fire could ensue.
12/01/2012 11/02/2013
26 20/06/2016 R/2016/113 FORD Mondeo, Galaxy, S-Max & Edge headlamps may switch off without warning Defect Details
Vehicles fitted with Adaptive LED Headlamps could experience a condition where the loss of a control signal in combination with a software error may cause the headlamps to switch off. There is a risk of collision if defect happens at night.
WF0EXXWPCEFD30710 WF0FXXWPCFFY80078 03/05/2014 22/12/2015
27 22/02/2017 R/2017/020 FORD Mondeo seat belt pre-tensioner may malfunction Defect Details
The driver side front seat belt pre-tensioner cable could separate during deployment leaving the driver inadequately restrained in a collision which increases the risk of injury.
WF0DXXWPCHEB54223 WF0DXXWPCDET13815 05/08/2014 31/07/2016
28 12/03/2018 R/2018/053 FORD Focus, C-MAX, Kuga, Mondeo, Galaxy and S-MAX oil sump may crack due to the engine overheating Defect Details
The engine control module calibration may not adequately detect an overheat condition in certain 2.0L Duratorq Diesel engines. In extreme cases an overheated engine can result in a breach of the oil sump leading to loss of the engine oil.
19/09/2014 28/09/2015
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