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This page provides more information about the street-level traffic data available via this website

Two sets of traffic data are available to download:

AADF - Annual average daily flow

AADF figures give the number of vehicles that will drive on that stretch of road on an average day of the year. For information on how AADFs are calculated, see the guidance on the Traffic Statistics pages on GOV.UK.

AADF figures are presented as: Units = vehicles per day

Traffic - Annual volume of traffic

Traffic figures give the total volume of traffic on the stretch of road for the whole year, and are calculated by multiplying the AADF by the corresponding length of road and by the number of days in the year (i.e. one vehicle travelling one mile each day for a year would equal 365 vehicle miles).

Traffic figures are presented as: Units = thousand vehicle miles

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The traffic figures are produced for each junction to junction link on the major road network for every year, and are referred to as “street-level” on this website. They can be downloaded from the Map, Areas and Download web pages.

Only a sample of points on the minor road network are counted each year. Data from these counts are used to produce estimates of traffic growth on minor roads and are available to download only. Data for minor road count points are not currently shown on the mapping tool.

Explanatory notes are provided alongside each download. A combined document, giving guidance on all the datasets available to download and the data definitions is also available:

All the data available to download from this website, and from, are taken from manual traffic counts. Approximately 8,000 manual traffic counts are carried out each year, where each site is counted on one day in that year for a twelve hour period. For more information about how traffic data is collected, see the guidance on the GOV.UK traffic statistics web pages.

The DfT also holds information from Automatic Traffic Counters (ATCs) which are magnetic induction loops in the road surface that collect traffic counts all day, every day. DfT has over 200 of these on Great Britain’s roads. This data is not currently available via this website. To find out more about this data, see the guidance notes as set out above, or contact us at

Other sources of DfT traffic data

Road Traffic Estimates in Great Britain

DfT publish summary traffic statistics on a quarterly and annual basis. The publications give Great Britain totals, broken down by vehicle type and road category.

The annual publication also contains breakdowns by country, region and local authority, plus tables on traffic distributions by time of day, by day, and by month.

Road traffic statistics →

Downloads of street-level road traffic estimates

DfT publish eight downloadable files in ".xls" and ".csv format on an annual basis. Six of these are also available via this website. The additional two files contain the raw manual count data collected by our trained enumerators for 2000 onwards, for major and minor roads respectively. All eight datasets are available to download via the following link: downloads →


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