Transport-Technology Research Innovation Grants (T-TRIG) 2019

For the 2019 T-TRIG call (open 24 September to 29 October), please see the new T-TRIG page hosted by the Connected Places Catapult.

Transport-Technology Research Innovation Grants (T-TRIG) 2017

Transport-Technology Research Innovation Grants (T-TRIG) funds early-stage research projects into innovative ideas or concepts to help create a better transport system.

It is part of the Department for Transport’s Innovation Grant funding.

The purpose of the scheme is to:

  • reduce barriers to innovation and advance technology in transport
  • enable a better transport system in the UK
  • exploit smart ideas that have the potential to develop further
  • fund early stage innovations to take to the next stage of development

The scheme funds research into a wide-range of novel and innovative solutions that use science, engineering and technology to advance the UK’s transport system.

Previous T-TRIG competitions

The last round of T-TRIG was launched in December 2017 had 3 separate calls:

  • an open call for novel and innovative ideas focused on transport
  • a targeted call on maritime autonomy, technology and solutions to reduce shipping emissions call
  • a targeted call on using big data and machine learning to improve the UK’s road network

The successful winners of this competition were announced on GOV.UK 6 August 2018.

Further information

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