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The Study Process - The Appraisal Framework

Appraisal is the process of checking that value for money is achieved in delivering Government aims, including investment in transport to solve problems. The New Approach to Transport Appraisal (NATA) was developed following the Government’s White Papers A New Deal for Transport and A New Deal for Trunk Roads.

Throughout the NATA process the Government's five objectives for transport as outlined in the White Paper are central:

  • to protect and enhance the built and natural environment;
  • to improve safety for all travellers;
  • to contribute to an efficient economy, supporting sustainable economic growth in appropriate locations;
  • to promote accessibility to everyday facilities for all, especially those without a car; and
  • to promote the integration of all forms of transport and land use planning, leading to a better, more efficient transport system.

The appraisal framework in NATA is made up of four distinct parts:

  • appraisal summary table (achievement of Government objectives)
  • achievement of regional and local objectives
  • effectiveness of problem solving
  • supporting analyses

These four strands when considered together, provide the decision-maker with the information needed to reach a considered judgement on the worth of a project.

Key Entry Points:

Introductory Material

Overview pages briefly summarise each of the five Objectives and their Sub-Objectives.

An Introduction to Transport Analysis, (TAG Unit 1.1) provides an introduction to the principles of transport appraisal.

Guidance for the Project Manager

The Overall Approach: Steps in the Process (TAG Unit 2.1) presents a flow diagram applicable to a range of transport studies that involve appraisal. The Appraisal Process (TAG Unit 2.5) explains the appraisal framework in more detail.

See also Strategic Environmental Assessment for Transport Plans and Programmes (TAG Unit 2.11).

Guidance for the Expert

Appraisal (TAG Unit 3.2) introduces the detailed methodology that should be followed in appraising transport schemes.

A full list of TAG Units is available on the Documents page.

Updated: April 2009