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Please note: This site has been superseded and is no longer maintained. The content of this site was archived following the definite WebTAG release in January 2014. Users should use the restructured WebTAG guidance on GOV.UK.


Guidance documents

The guidance documents are divided in to three modules which are further broken down in to TAG units:


1.1: Introduction

1.2: Multi-Modal Studies

1.3: Trunk Roads

1.4: Major Scheme Appraisal

1.5: The Proportionate Update Process 

Project Manager

2.1: The Overall Approach

2.2: Objectives and Problems

2.3: Policy Instruments

2.4: Summary Advice on Modelling

2.5: The Appraisal Process

2.6: Highway Schemes

2.7: Transport Appraisal and the Treasury Green Book

2.8: Wider Economic Impacts

2.9: Project-manager - Variable Demand Modelling

2.10: Major Public Transport Schemes

2.11: Strategic Environmental Assessment

2.12: Withdrawn

2.13: Summary Guidance on Social and Distributional Impacts of Transport Interventions


3.1: Modelling

3.2: Appraisal

3.3: Environment Objective

3.4: Safety Objective

3.5: Economy Objective

3.6: Accessibility Objective

3.7: Integration Objective

3.8: Supporting Analysis

3.9: Expert - Major Scheme Appraisal

3.10: Expert - Variable Demand Modelling

3.11: Expert - Major Public Transport Schemes

3.12: Withdrawn

3.13: Rail Appraisal

3.14: Walking and Cycling Schemes

3.15: Forecasting Using Transport Models

3.16: Housing Development

3.17: Social and Distributional Impacts of Transport Interventions

3.18: Aviation Appraisal

3.19: Highway Assignment Modelling

Updated: January 2014