Vehicle Details

Reference : R/2011/085
Manufacturer Ref : C258 
Model : Actros
Launch Date : 29/07/2011
Numbers Involved : 1057
Build Start Date : 01/01/2008
Build End Date : 31/12/2010 

Recall Details

Concern : RISK OF FIRE
Description : The electrical cable may chafe at the bracket of the engine control unit. This may lead to possible malfunctions in the vehicles electrical system. In the worst case the chafing could lead to a short circuit between unfused, positive cables and the bracket whereby a risk of fire is possible.
Remedial Action : Install an edge guard at the bracket of the engine control unit to prevent chafing of the engine/transmission wiring harness.
Vehicle Id : WDB9300342L458767 to WDB9342512L520462

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