Vehicle Details

Reference : R/2012/121
Manufacturer Ref : LTI NCA 01-2010 
Make: LTI
Model : TX4
Launch Date : 12/10/2012
Numbers Involved : 394
Build Start Date : 30/08/2010
Build End Date : 19/09/2012 

Recall Details

Description : Seizure of vehicle steering box resulting in sudden and unexpected loss of steering control of the vehicle. Issue came to light on the investigation of two customer vehicles which experienced the above symptoms. In both cases LTI Vehicles were able to confirm the symptoms and establish the root cause as a displaced retention circlip within the working mechanism of the steering box.
Remedial Action : LTI Vehicles will inform customers of this potential issue and recommend that they stop using their vehicle. A refurbished steering box will be supplied and fitted on all of the affected vehicles, as soon as validated parts become available.
Vehicle Id : 209084 to 212712

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