Vehicle Details

Reference : R/2006/069
Manufacturer Ref : A016 
Model : Discovery 3 Petrol Variant
Launch Date : 07/06/2006
Numbers Involved : 590
Build Start Date : 02/07/2004
Build End Date : 30/04/2005 

Recall Details

Description : It has been identified that on vehicles fitted with fuel tanks which incorporate an internal breather pipe, the breather pipe may not be to specification. This may result in swelling and cracking of a grommet and detachment of the breather pipe from a connector tube. In this condition fuel may enter the breather pipe resulting in MIL illumination, fuel odour and drivability concerns such as hesitation, misfiring, stalling, rough running or difficult starting. In the worst case, fuel may be discharged onto the ground.
Remedial Action : Recall affected vehicles and replace the fuel tank.
Vehicle Id : SALLAAA545A000360 to SALLAAA445A342827

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