Vehicle Details

Reference : R/2010/095
Manufacturer Ref : CP166 
Model : Narrow
Launch Date : 19/07/2010
Numbers Involved : 98
Build Start Date : 03/04/2009
Build End Date : 19/05/2010 

Recall Details

Description : The brake actuator clamping bands on the front axle may be weakened through fouling the shock absorber top mounting when the steering is on full lock and the brake pads are worn considerably. In time the clamping ring may fail and the braking effort at the front axle will be lost resulting in much longer stopping distances.
Remedial Action : Recall the vehicles that are likely to be affected to replace the top shock absorber brackets of the front axle and, if there has been any signs of fouling, fit new actuator clamping rings.
Vehicle Id : 13107 to 14256

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