Vehicle Details

Reference : R/2008/181
Manufacturer Ref : 5333 
Make: FIAT
Model : Fiat 500 & Grande Punto 1.2 & 1.4 8v petrol version
Launch Date : 09/01/2009
Numbers Involved : 1893
Build Start Date : 01/09/2008
Build End Date : 31/10/2008 

Recall Details

Description : Fuel may leak, as on some engines the fuel manifolds may not be to specification. If the fuel manifold leaks it is possible that a loss of power could occur and the engine cut out.
Remedial Action : Recall the vehicles that are likely to be affected to inspect the fuel manifold and check it for conformity to specification. Where necessary replace the fuel manifold.
Vehicle Id : ZFA31200000202179 to ZFA31200000223226
ZFZ19900000245322 to ZFA19900000473188
ZFA19900001399865 to ZFA19900001462107

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