Vehicle Details

Reference : RM/2011/002
Manufacturer Ref : R12/01, R11/03 
Model : DL100, GSF1250, GSF650, GSX1300, GSX-R650, GSX-R600, GSX-R750, LT-Z400, SFV650,VL800, VLR1800& VZ1500
Launch Date : 18/04/2011
Numbers Involved : 16766
Build Start Date : 01/05/2007
Build End Date : 30/06/2010 

Recall Details

Description : Regulator/Rectifier unit may fail in use due to poor adhesion between an internal circuit board and the external heat sink (external casing). resulting in an open circuit and failure. This causes insufficient battery charging current to the battery and can lead to engine stalling and non start when in use.
Remedial Action : Replacement of all Regulator/Rectifiers in VIN range with quality assured units.
Vehicle Id : JS1CV111100100029 to JS1CV11100107764
JS1B9111100145567 to JS1B91111001463316
JS1CW111100100036 to JS1CW111100108132
JS1CJ134200100002 to JS1CJ135200101376
JS1CR111100100545 to JS1CR111100103764
JS1CZ112100100035 to JS1CZ112100101296
JSAAK4AA*92100043 to JSAAK4AA*92103857
JS1CH113200100957 to JS1CH113200102586
JS1CK111200101307 to JS1CK111200101706
JS1CJ122200100465 to JS1CJ122200101119
JS1CH122200100728 to JS1CH122200101115
JS1CX111100100061 to JS1CX11100107105
JS1CU111200100002 to JS1CU111200100051
JS1BS111200102043 to JS1BS111200102237
JS1BM111200101706 to JS1BM111200101755
JS1CT111200100003 to JS1CT111200100093

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