Vehicle Details

Reference : R/2011/042
Manufacturer Ref : C251 
Model : Vito and Viano, fitted with OM646 engines.
Launch Date : 16/06/2011
Numbers Involved : 10805
Build Start Date : 01/01/2007
Build End Date : 31/12/2010 

Recall Details

Concern : RISK OF FIRE
Description : On vehicles fitted with the OM646 engine, it is possible that an Air Conditioning (AC) hose bracket could chaff the wiring harness for the three phase alternator. If this is not rectified, there is a possible risk of a short circuit, which may result in a fire.
Remedial Action : Recall all affected vehicles, to check for damage to the wiring and replacement if found damaged, plus the installation of an additional spacer clamp.
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