Vehicle Details

Reference : RCOMP/2011/002
Manufacturer Ref :  
Model : Renault Megane Cabriolet V2 replacement windscreens
Launch Date : 07/03/2011
Numbers Involved : 2390
Build Start Date :
Build End Date :  

Recall Details

Description : The hazard relates to the outer trims on the left and right hand sides of the windscreens that have been replaced by Belron, where one of the outer trims may become partly detached from the car body when driven at high speeds. Although the trim will not become entirely detached from the car due to a screw fixed at the top of the trim, the clips that had been used to attach the trim to the car body were not strong enough to hold the trim securely in position. In some cases the trim has swung back, breaking the glass roof and/or side windows and/or rear window.
Remedial Action : New modified securing clips will be fitted.
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