Vehicle Details

Reference : R/2010/092
Manufacturer Ref : 5463 and 5462 
Make: FIAT
Model : Doblo Cargo, Panorama and Combi
Launch Date : 20/08/2010
Numbers Involved : 223
Build Start Date : 01/08/2009
Build End Date : 28/02/2010 

Recall Details

Description : It has been established that the anti-roll bar may not conform to specification. This should result in a noise from the suspension but in extreme cases, vehicle stability could be compromised.
Remedial Action : Recall affected vehicles and replace anti-roll bar with quality assured one.
Vehicle Id : ZFA36300009000504 to ZFA26300009007020
ZFA26300008000360 to ZFA26300008004999
ZFA26300008000920 to ZFA26300008004999
ZFA26300009000500 to ZFA26300003006875

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