Vehicle Details

Reference : R/2015/217
Manufacturer Ref : 5945 
Make: FIAT
Model : 2015 Ducato with 2.3 Mjet Engine
Launch Date : 29/12/2015
Numbers Involved : 118
Build Start Date : 15/09/2015
Build End Date : 18/10/2015 

Recall Details

Description : The batch number of the power steering pump must be checked and, if found to be from a faulty batch, replaced. On the faulty batches there is nonconformity of the external supply and, in certain circumstances, the power steering pump may fail causing the driver to use additional input to steer the vehicle therefore delaying the directional movement of the vehicle.
Remedial Action : Check the production date of the pump and if the power steering pump is from a faulty batch replace the pump.
Vehicle Id : ZFA25000002964887 to ZFA25000002973246

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