Vehicle Details

Reference : R/2010/053
Manufacturer Ref :  
Model : Jazz and Civic
Launch Date : 22/06/2010
Numbers Involved : 5376
Build Start Date : 02/02/2010
Build End Date : 06/04/2010 

Recall Details

Description : The footbrake pedal is connected to the master cylinder via the brake pedal pin. It is possible that the retaining clip/locking pin that locks the footbrake pedal pin may not have been installed. If this is the case, it is possible that the brake pedal pin may become detached. This will result in an increase in pedal travel and a corresponding increase in stopping distance.
Remedial Action : Recall all affected vehicle and check for presence of retaining clip/locking pin. If found to be missing, a new clip/pin will be installed.
Vehicle Id : SHHGG6**0AU004959 to SHHGG6**0AU011282
SHHGG5**0AU001211 to SHHGG5**0AU002017
SHHFN4**0AU002321 to SHHFN4**0AU003214
SHHFK3**0AU004781 to SHHFK3**0AU005740
SHHFN3**0AU000582 to SHHFN3**0AU000670
SHHFK1**0AU012881 to SHHFK1**0AU015411
SHHFK2**0AU012679 to SHHFK2**0AU015745
SHHFN2**0AU000491 to SHHFN2**0AU001551
SHHFN1**0AU000821 to SHHFN1**0AU001119

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