Vehicle Details

Reference : R/2007/059
Manufacturer Ref : 5141 
Make: FIAT
Model : DUCATO
Launch Date : 18/05/2007
Numbers Involved : 4535
Build Start Date : 02/07/2001
Build End Date : 31/01/2005 

Recall Details

Description : Due to the inlet filter for the EGR valve being in an exposed position, there is a possibility of water entering the brake servo vacuum pipe. This could result in the possibility of ice forming in the brake servo vacuum pipe in conditions of low ambient temperature. As a consequence, this may lead to reduced servo assistance to the braking system.
Remedial Action : Recalled vehicles will have the EGR solenoids checked for the presence of separate air filters. If theses are not evident, new solenoids with separate air filters will be fitted.
Vehicle Id : ZFA24400007000022 to ZFA24400007574570

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