Vehicle Details

Reference : R/2007/153
Manufacturer Ref :  
Make: FIAT
Model : DUCATO (250)
Launch Date : 23/11/2007
Numbers Involved : 5427
Build Start Date : 02/07/2006
Build End Date : 01/07/2007 

Recall Details

Description : It has been identified that; due to a possible lack of lubricant between the steering rack and pinion, the steering may become increasingly stiff to operate. This can eventually, lead to damage to the steering rack teeth. As a consequence, the steering operation of the vehicle may become increasingly difficult.
Remedial Action : Recalled vehicles will have the steering rack inspected for damage. If no damage is evident the rack and pinion will be lubricated. Should any damage be in evidence, the steering rack will be replaced.
Vehicle Id : ZFA25000001000000 to ZFA25000001173859

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