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VCA - FOI and EIR Disclosure log

This page lists full and partial responses to requests made under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA) and Environmental Information Regulations 2004 (EIR) .

Documents available:

The following is a list of responses to FOI and EIR requests in 2016/2017 where some or all of the information was disclosed to the applicant. To see a response from the list, please email a request to

FOI and EIR disclosure log April - December 2016

Ref. No.

Request Outcome


Response Date

EMP357028 Fully met Information in relation to market surveillance of hand-held machinery under 97/68/EC 26/04/2016
EMP357805 Partially met A list of external audit reports on VCA appointed technical Services 11/05/2016
EMP360068 Partially met Information on exhaust emissions flex allowances 16/06/2016
EMP367208 Fully met Information on VCA security and fire products and services 26/07/2016
EMP365651 Partially met Information about telephone maintenance contracts 27/07/2016
EMP365907 Partially met Information regarding dealings between VCA and Skoda Auto 17/08/2016
EMP373494 Fully met VSO requirements for HGV crash cushions 10/10/2016
EMP373419 Fully met Requirements for electric run bikes 10/10/2016
EMP373843 Partially met Expenditure on software, software contracts and perpetual licenses 2014 / 15 and 2015/16 27/10/2016
EMP375350 Partially met Information on VCA's LAN contract 23/11/2016
EMP375625 Fully met Questions in relation to Skoda vehicles 21/12/2016
EMP380725 Fully Met Details of Finance Contracts 11/01/2017
EMP380819 Info not held Number of tankers in the UK that are subject to testing/inspection over the last few years – broken down by any classes/sub categories that VCA use for different types of load 24/01/2017


Fully met For what types of vehicles from the Volkswagen Group (specified by the branch, type and engine capacity of the vehicles if possible) has the VCA already granted an approval of technical solutions in connection with the emissions scandal? 28/02/2017
EMP385764 Full Refusal Breakdown of all spending via government procurement cards 21/03/2017
EMP385765 Partial Refusal Details of VCA's wifi contracts  09/03/2017
EMP387201 Fully Met Number of staff found to have falsified their CVs/job applications in the calendar years 2015 and 2016; 27/03/2017
EMP389592 Fully Met Access to evidence that VCA have approved a fix to emmisions problems on Skoda Yeti 2.0 litre diesel vehicles 21/04/2017
EMP389595 Fully Met Details of VCA's telephone maintenance contracts 28/04/2017
EMP392529 Partial refusal Request for access to responses of two FOI requests: EMP375625 & EMP365907  11/05/2017
EMP392785 Info not held It's it possible to obtain a list of every vehicle mass produced (non custom, non self build) of every vehicle make and model that fits into both the M1 and N1 category (being a dual purpose vehicle). 11/05/2017

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