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OHSAS 18001 - Health & Safety Certification

Utilising the same approach as the environmental standard, ISO 14001, the aim of the OHSAS 18001 specification is to provide a framework for providing a safe and healthy working environment.  In addition, the standard provides guidelines on how to integrate health and safety policies into your overall management system.  Key requirements of the standard include:

  • Creation of a Health and Safety Policy
  • Appreciation of your H&S issues and their potential impacts
  • Formalising control systems and monitoring processes
  • Communication of policy and approach to staff and stakeholders
  • Setting objectives and targets
  • Compliance with relevant legislation

Some potential benefits of certification:

  • Shows a clear commitment providing a safe working environment
  • Delivers cost savings by minimising risks to employees
  • Improved operational efficiency

VCA's Approach to Certification

One of the fundamental cornerstones of our service is the desire to focus on adding real value to your business.  Because of this VCA will not only use an assessment team with a full understanding of the standard, we will provide a team with detailed knowledge of your sector and the environmental issues you face. VCA also understands that development and implementation of systems can be difficult so a number of current customers have benefited from pre-assessment audits or gap analysis days. In addition to this, VCA customers are increasingly looking to take an integrated approach to certification. VCA auditors are able to cope with this, dealing with Quality, Environmental and Health & Safety certification as one exercise. To read more about the service we provide and the processes involved, please follow these links:

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