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In 2016 Suffolk had 220 count points.

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Traffic figures at the regional and national level are robust, and are reported as National Statistics. However, DfT’s traffic estimates for individual road links and small areas are less robust, as they are not always based on up-to-date counts made at these locations. Where other more up-to-date sources of traffic data are available (e.g. from local highways authorities), this may provide a more accurate estimate of traffic at these locations.

It is the responsibility of the user to decide which data are most appropriate for their purpose, and if DfT road link level traffic estimates are used, to make a note of the limitations in any published material.

DfT’s road link level traffic estimates are calculated using a variety of methods, with some methods likely to produce more accurate estimates than others.

The data tables available to download here contain two columns - Estimation_method and Estimation_method_detailed – showing the method used to estimate traffic for each location and year. Figures having an estimation method of “Counted” are likely to be more accurate than those marked as “Estimated”, and the latter should be used with caution.

Suffolk 2016 count points

Download all street-level traffic data for Suffolk from 2000 to 2016. About traffic data.

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Count Point id Road Road category Start Junction End Junction Length (miles) AADF all years (CSV)
6204 A12 PA A145 A1095 0.31 Download
6206 A1214 PA A1189 A12/Main Road 3.11 Download
6480 A14 TA A14/A143 A134 at flyover 1.3 Download
6481 A14 TA A140 B113 3.17 Download
6482 A14 TA C- Trinley St Martin junction A154E 0.99 Download
6674 A134 PA A143 LA Boundary 9.07 Download
6680 A140 PA B1078 Needham Road A1120 Stowmarket Road 2.98 Download
6687 A144 PA A12 B1117 4.41 Download
6688 A145 PA A12 B1124 Halesworth Road 3.73 Download
6689 A1117 PA A146 Beccles Road A146 Victoria Road 0.31 Download
6702 A1021 PA A154 Orwell Road A154 Candlett Road Roundabout 1.3 Download
7477 A1022 PA A1022 College Lane/Star Street Rndbt A1071 Handford Road 0.5 Download
7511 A1092 PA LA Boundary B1063 3.85 Download
7521 A1120 PA B1113 Needham Road A14 0.99 Download
7528 A1141 PA B1115 A1071 4.66 Download
7533 A1156 PA A156 Star Lane A1156 St Helen's Street 0.19 Download
7546 A1304 PA LA Boundary Hamilton Rd 1.3 Download
7966 A137 PA A14 B1456 The Strand 0.81 Download
8005 A145 PA Common Lane North A146 Norwich Road 0.19 Download
8234 A143 PA A14 A134 0.62 Download
8341 A134 PA A131 Northern Road Clermont Avenue 1.24 Download
8439 A1156 PA A1022 Waterworks Street 0.06 Download
8451 A143 PA LA Boundary A144 Bungay 0.25 Download
8518 A137 PA Quadling Street A1022 Bridge St roundabout/Greyfriars Road 0.19 Download
16189 A12 TA A12 split A1117 1.93 Download
16190 A12 PA A144 B1125 Angel Lane 3.48 Download
16191 A12 PA B1078 A1094 4.72 Download
16456 A143 PA A1101 Out Northgate A14 flyover 0.31 Download
16457 A1189 PA A1156 Felixstowe Road A1214 Woodbridge Road East 1.3 Download
16658 A131 PA Stour Street Gainsborough Road/Girling Street 0.31 Download
16662 A137 PA B1070 A14 6.59 Download
16671 A143 PA A1088 N Ixworth B1111 Stanton 2.3 Download
16673 A144 PA B1123 B1435 8.7 Download
17452 A1071 PA A1214 A1022 0.5 Download
17475 A1120 PA A140/Stowmarket Road Junction B1116 Dennington 12.43 Download
17487 A1141 PA B1071 High Street/Church Street B1115 3.29 Download
17492 A1156 PA A1022 A1214 0.56 Download
17505 A134 PA A1302 Southgate Green Rougham Hill roundabout 0.31 Download
17861 A1302 PA Risby Street/Parkway A1101/A143/Compiegne Way 0.5 Download
17942 A14 TA A1189 A12 2.11 Download
17994 A146 PA A145 B1384 5.78 Download
18222 A14 TA B1113 Bramford Road A140 S of Kettle Lane 0.99 Download
18354 A143 PA A1088 S Ixworth A1088 N Ixworth 0.68 Download
18369 A131 PA B1508 King Street/Cornard Street A134 Northern Road Rndbt 0.87 Download
18424 A1156 PA Fore Street Star Lane 0.06 Download
18671 A137 PA West End Road Quadling Street/Grafton Way 0.25 Download
26206 A12 PA A1214 A1152 3.36 Download
26207 A1214 PA A1071/Scrivener Drive A137/A1071 1.43 Download
26488 A1156 PA A1189 A1156 0.62 Download
26690 A134 PA A1092 A1141 5.65 Download
26691 A134 PA A1071 A131 2.73 Download
26697 A140 PA A1120 A143 12.18 Download
26704 A143 PA A134 A1088 6.09 Download
26705 A143 PA Ann Suckling Rd B1061 1.49 Download
26706 A144 PA B1117 London Road Rndbt B1123 Angel's Link Rndbt 0.62 Download
26720 A154 PA A14 Port of Felixstowe Road A1021 Grove Road Rndbt 0.87 Download
26721 A154 PA Beach Station Rd B1082 0.62 Download
27529 A1071 PA A1141 Stone Street A1214 London Road 7.77 Download
27544 A1088 PA A14 Cross Ways A143 Mickle Mere 5.34 Download
27546 A1092 PA B1063 A134 6.9 Download
27547 A1094 PA A12 B1069 Church Road 1.74 Download
27552 A1101 PA A11/A1065 Northern Way 9.32 Download
27558 A1117 PA A12 A1145 Stradbroke Road 0.68 Download
27560 A1120 PA A14 B1115 0.68 Download
27570 A1144 PA A1117 A12 1.06 Download
27574 A1156 PA A1189 Bixley Road B1458 Duke Street 1.68 Download
28051 A145 PA B1124 Kemps Lane 4.85 Download
28190 A131 PA A131 Gregory Street A131/B1508 Great Eastern Road 0.31 Download
28413 A131 PA Gainsborough Road/Girling Street A134 0.43 Download
28468 A1156 PA Waterworks Street Grimnade Street 0.12 Download
28547 A137 PA Chancery Road A1214 London Road/A1071 Handford Road 0.62 Download
36205 A12 PA A1095 Tower Road roundabout 9.88 Download
36206 A12 PA B1125 Angel Lane A145 0.5 Download
36208 A1214 PA A1156 Norwich Road A1071 Woodbridge Road East 2.8 Download
36209 A12 TA B1068 B1070 0.56 Download
36493 A14 TA A134 A1088 7.15 Download
36495 A1156 PA A1214 A14 1.93 Download
36496 A14 TA A154 Trinity Road A154 CANDLET ROAD Rndbt 0.99 Download
36704 A131 PA LA Boundary Middleton Rd 0.37 Download
36709 A1101 PA B1106 roundabout A1302/A143 Rndbt 0.62 Download
36710 A134 PA A1141 A1302 5.1 Download
36713 A1022 PA A1022 Star Lane roundabout A1156 Slade St 0.25 Download
36717 A140 PA A14 B1078 Needham Road 0.5 Download
36725 A145 PA B1062 St Mary's Road Market St/Smallgate/Newgate roundabout 0.31 Download
36726 A146 PA B1384 A1117 1.37 Download
37568 A1065 PA B1107 THETFORD ROAD C Brandon Road 0.5 Download
37573 A1071 PA A134 A1141 6.84 Download
37584 A1095 PA A12 East St 3.98 Download
37595 A1117 PA A146 A1144 1.12 Download
37597 A1120 PA B1116 South A12 7.89 Download
37606 A1141 PA B1115 Monks Eleigh B1115E Highlands Road 0.75 Download
37613 A1156 PA B1076 Great Coleman Street A1022 Civic Drive 0.5 Download
37625 A1302 PA A134 A143 0.81 Download
38247 A12 PA A14/A1156 Eagle Way roundabout, Ipswich 2.61 Download
38454 A14 TA A137 A1189 3.04 Download
38524 A1156 PA B1076 Great Colman Street A1071 0.19 Download
38525 A1156 PA Bond Street Grimnwade Street/B1075 0.12 Download
46205 A12 PA A1120 High Street Yoxford A144 2.11 Download
46206 A12 PA A1152 Woods Lane B1078 Lower Hacheston 5.22 Download
46494 A14 TA LA Boundary B1106 Westley Road 6.34 Download
46700 A131 PA Gainsborough Road B1508 Great Eastern Road 0.37 Download
46701 A134 PA B1087 A1071 4.78 Download
46704 A137 PA LA Boundary B1070 0.31 Download
46710 A142 PA B1063 Old Station Road Studlands Park Avenue roundabout 1.3 Download
46715 A143 PA B1061 B1063 The Street 5.53 Download
46716 A144 PA B1123 Angel Link B1123 Quay Street 0.19 Download
46717 A145 PA Peddars Lane Market St/Newgate/Smallgate roundabout 0.31 Download
46728 A154 PA A1021 Orwell Road A1021 Grove Road Rndbt 0.87 Download
47534 A1071 PA A1156 A1214 Colchester Road Rndbt 1.62 Download
47546 A1088 PA A143 LA Boundary 7.33 Download
47549 A1094 PA B1069 B1152 4.47 Download
47557 A1117 PA A1145/B1384 Long Road A146 1.18 Download
47559 A1120 PA B1115 A140 4.16 Download
47568 A1141 PA A134 B1071 Church Street 5.03 Download
47569 A145 PA Blyburgate B1062 St Mary's Road 0.19 Download
47573 A1152 PA A12 B1069 5.72 Download
47587 A1302 PA Oliver Rd Parkway roundabout 1.12 Download
47590 A1304 PA A142 Fordham Road/B1063 B1506 0.99 Download
47932 A1302 PA A143 Risbygate St roundabout 0.56 Download
48044 A14 TA A12 Kirton Rd, Trimley St Martin junction 3.79 Download
48507 A1156 PA Star Lane Junction St Helen's Street 0.19 Download
48508 A1156 PA Bond Street B1076 Great Colman St 0.12 Download
48563 A142 PA A14 LA Boundary 0.99 Download
48586 A12 PA A1094 A1120 5.65 Download
48587 A137 PA Chancery Road Quadling Street/Grafton Way 0.19 Download
56164 A1214 PA A137/A1071 A1156 0.62 Download
56429 A14 TA A1120 A140 3.73 Download
56562 A143 PA B1111 Stanton A140 12.3 Download
56577 A14 TA A12 / A14 A137 1.99 Download
56672 A143 PA B1063 The Street Glastonbury Rd 8.89 Download
56892 A1094 PA B1122 Leiston Road High Street/Park Road 0.87 Download
56949 A1304 PA B1061 Dullingham Road A142 Fordham Road/B1063 0.62 Download
57241 A12 TA B1070 A14 5.28 Download
57282 A143 PA LA Boundary A1307 1.37 Download
57447 A1065 PA A11/A1101 B1107 9.26 Download
57499 A1214 PA A14/A12 A1071 0.81 Download
57528 A1022 PA A1071 Handford Drive A1156 St Matthew's Street 0.12 Download
57588 A1308 PA Melford Rd Bury roundabout 1.93 Download
58127 A1156 PA Slade St Grimwade St 0.19 Download
58137 A1156 PA B1075 St Helen's Street A1071Woodbridge Road 0.06 Download
58139 A1214 PA A1071\Colchester Road Turn-off A1189 0.12 Download
70004 A1156 PA A14 Murrills Road roundabout 1.74 Download
70253 A144 PA B1435 A143 0.5 Download
73503 A12 TA LA Boundary B1068 1.86 Download
73504 A134 PA LA Boundary B1087 0.19 Download
73508 A1017 PA LA Boundary LA Boundary 0.43 Download
73510 A1017 PA LA Boundary A1307 2.36 Download
73826 A143 PA A140 LA Boundary 0.19 Download
73827 A146 PA LA Boundary A145 0.31 Download
73828 A12 TA B1385 Corton Long Lane LA Boundary 1.8 Download
73976 A1101 PA LA Boundary Rookery Grove 4.72 Download
73977 A11 TA LA Boundary A1065 / A1101 3.54 Download
73978 A14 TA LA Boundary B1506 1.3 Download
73979 A14 TA A142 LA Boundary 0.68 Download
73980 A14 TA LA Boundary A142 2.86 Download
73982 A1307 PA LA Boundary A1017 0.31 Download
74588 A1022 PA Star Lane/Bridge Street/Grey Friars Road A1156 Slade St 0.25 Download
75074 A1022 PA Grafton Way roundabout Grey Friars Road roundabout 0.06 Download
75075 A1156 PA Key St Star Lane 0.06 Download
75076 A14 TA A1156 A14 main route 0.25 Download
75445 A1088 PA A14 spur A1088 split 0.31 Download
75446 A1088 PA A14 eastbound A1088 split 0.06 Download
75447 A14 TA A1088 A14 main route 0.12 Download
77134 A145 PA Market St/Smallgate/Newgate roundabout Common Lane North 0.56 Download
77135 A145 PA Kemps Lane St Mary's Rd 0.93 Download
77139 A1101 PA Northern Way B1106 roundabout 0.68 Download
77140 A134 PA Rougham Hill roundabout A14 Flyover 0.19 Download
77141 A143 PA Glastonbury Rd A1302 0.93 Download
77142 A1302 PA A14/ B1106 Westley Rd Oliver Rd 0.43 Download
77163 A143 PA A1307 The Pightle Ann Suckling Rd 0.62 Download
77164 A1307 PA A1017 N/A (roundabout) 0.5 Download
77165 A1189 PA A14 Ransomes Way roundabout 0.43 Download
77166 A137 PA B1456 The Strand A1022 Bridge St roundabout 1.49 Download
77168 A1156 PA Murrills Road roundabout A1189 0.5 Download
77170 A12 TA A1117 B1385 Corton Long Lane 0.43 Download
77171 A12 PA Tower Road roundabout A1117 0.43 Download
77173 A142 PA Studlands Park Avenue roundabout A14 0.37 Download
77174 A1304 PA Hamilton Rd B1061 Dullingham Road 0.19 Download
77193 A1308 PA A1120 Melford Rd 0.37 Download
77194 A134 PA Clermont Ave A131 Melford Road 0.75 Download
77195 A131 PA Gainsborough Road/Girling Street Chaucer Rd 0.68 Download
77196 A131 PA Middleton Rd A131 Gainsborough St 0.62 Download
77246 A12 PA Eagle Way roundabout A1214 Main Road 0.81 Download
80469 A14 TA A14 A14 0.31 Download
80470 A14 TA A14 A1156 Roundabout 0.37 Download
80471 A14 TA A14 A14 roundabout 0.19 Download
80472 A14 TA A14 main route A14 0.12 Download
80473 A14 TA A14 main route B1113 Bramford Road 0.25 Download
80677 A1101 PA Rookery Grove Lark Road 3.67 Download
80761 A143 PA A144 Broad Street LA Boundary 0.19 Download
80912 A14 TA A14 SPROUGHTON ROAD 0.31 Download
80990 A154 PA Dock A14 0.62 Download
81062 A14 TA A12/A1214 Rndbt SPROUGHTON ROAD 2.11 Download
81063 A14 TA SPROUGHTON ROAD A1156 1.3 Download
81064 A14 TA A14 SPROUGHTON ROAD 0.25 Download
81156 A12 PA A1117 London Road South 2.17 Download
81168 A1145 PA A146 A12 1.43 Download
81234 A14 TA A1156 slip over-bridge Southbound on slip from A1156 0.19 Download
81466 A1308 PA Bury roundabout A14 0.93 Download
81467 A14 TA A1308 A1120 2.55 Download
81468 A14 TA A1088 A1308 4.72 Download
86017 A1117 PA A1144 Bentley Drive 1.12 Download
86018 A1117 PA A1117 A12 0.43 Download
86019 A1117 PA Bentley Drive A12 0.62 Download
86020 A11 TA A1065/A1101 LA Boundary 9.69 Download
88099 A12 TA A1144 St Peter's Street Jubilee Way Rndbt 0.12 Download
88100 A12 TA Waveney Road A1144 St Peter's Street 0.75 Download
88101 A12 TA Waveney Road St Peter's Street Rndbt 0.68 Download
88102 A12 TA Pier Terrace/A146 Belvedere Road Waveney Road 0.12 Download
88106 A14 TA A1302/B1106 WESTLEY ROAD At the point where the A14 finishes passing the Bury St Edmunds Golf Course 0.93 Download
88107 A14 TA At the point where the A14 finishes passing the Bury St Edmunds Golf Course A143 Compeigne Way 1.12 Download
89678 A1101 PA Lark Road A11 0.75 Download
99081 A140 PA A143 LA Boundary 0.31 Download
99216 A134 PA A131 A1092 3.11 Download
99628 A1307 PA N/A (roundabout) A143 Wratting Road 1.3 Download
99809 A14 TA A154 infeed Dock Rd 0.68 Download
99811 A154 PA Dock Dock Road / A14 0.62 Download
99812 A154 PA Dock Rd Langer Road 0.43 Download
99813 A154 PA Adastral Close Langer Road 0.62 Download
99814 A1189 PA Nacton Road roundabout A1156 0.5 Download


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