In 2016 Southwark had 96 count points.

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Traffic figures at the regional and national level are robust, and are reported as National Statistics. However, DfT’s traffic estimates for individual road links and small areas are less robust, as they are not always based on up-to-date counts made at these locations. Where other more up-to-date sources of traffic data are available (e.g. from local highways authorities), this may provide a more accurate estimate of traffic at these locations.

It is the responsibility of the user to decide which data are most appropriate for their purpose, and if DfT road link level traffic estimates are used, to make a note of the limitations in any published material.

DfT’s road link level traffic estimates are calculated using a variety of methods, with some methods likely to produce more accurate estimates than others.

The data tables available to download here contain two columns - Estimation_method and Estimation_method_detailed – showing the method used to estimate traffic for each location and year. Figures having an estimation method of “Counted” are likely to be more accurate than those marked as “Estimated”, and the latter should be used with caution.

Southwark 2016 count points

Download all street-level traffic data for Southwark from 2000 to 2016. About traffic data.

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Count Point id Road Road category Start Junction End Junction Length (miles) AADF all years (CSV)
6094 A2 PU A3/A2198 A201/A100 0.56 Download
6107 A3 PU A3202 A2 0.25 Download
6625 A100 PU A2 A2206 0.25 Download
6748 A101 PU A200 LA Boundary 0.62 Download
6752 A202 PU A202 Clayton Rd A2214 Lausanne rd 0.56 Download
6870 A300 PU A3200 LA Boundary 0.31 Download
6871 A201 PU A302 A3202 0.12 Download
7557 A2205 PU A200 A200 0.19 Download
7598 A200 PU A100 Druid St 0.12 Download
7599 A3202 PU A300 A3 0.12 Download
7600 A3203 PU A23 A302 0.19 Download
8095 A2198 PU A2 A2205 0.5 Download
8380 A2205 PU A2198 A200 0.31 Download
8480 A200 PU Druid St A2205 0.19 Download
8481 A2216 PU A2214 A2214 0.06 Download
8511 A3 PU A200 LA Boundary 0.12 Download
16100 A3 PU A201 A300 0.12 Download
16613 A100 PU A200 LA Boundary 0.25 Download
16735 A200 PU A101 A2208 0.5 Download
16737 A201 PU A3202 A3200 0.56 Download
16738 A202 PU A215 Rye Lane 1.06 Download
16759 A215 PU LA Boundary A2217 0.31 Download
16840 A300 PU A3202 A3201 0.31 Download
16841 A201 PU Elephant And Castle A302 0.25 Download
18167 A302 PU A302 Garden Row A3203 0.12 Download
18427 A215 PU LA Boundary A2214 0.12 Download
18465 A3 PU A200 A200 0.06 Download
18466 A205 PU A2199 A2216 1.12 Download
26099 A3201 PU A2 A300 0.19 Download
26184 A3 PU A2 A3200 0.31 Download
26185 A3 PU A3204 A215 0.19 Download
26641 A100 PU A2198 Druid St 0.25 Download
26773 A200 PU A2208 LA Boundary 0.19 Download
26795 A215 PU A2214 A2214 0.06 Download
27607 A2206 PU A100/A2205 A2208 1.37 Download
27658 A3202 PU A302 A201/A3203 0.25 Download
27960 A200 PU A200 Tooley St B202 0.25 Download
28210 A2205 PU A100/A2206 A2198 0.12 Download
28211 A302 PU A302 StGeorges Rd A201 London Rd 0.12 Download
28387 A200 PU Crucifix Lane A100 0.12 Download
28509 A100 PU A2205/A2206 B202 0.12 Download
28510 A200 PU A200 Jamaica St A100 0.19 Download
36792 A200 PU B202 A101 0.62 Download
36795 A202 PU Rye Lane A202 Clayton St 0.19 Download
36816 A215 PU A2217 A202 0.12 Download
36916 A300 PU A3201 A3200 0.12 Download
37646 A2208 PU A2 A2206 0.68 Download
37648 A2214 PU A2215 A202 1.06 Download
37649 A2216 PU A2214 A205 1.3 Download
37699 A3 PU A3200 A200 0.06 Download
38179 A2198 PU A2205 B202 0.06 Download
38440 A200 PU A100 Tower Bridge rd A200 Tooley St 0.19 Download
38441 A200 PU A2205 Druid St 0.12 Download
38463 A200 PU A2208 A2208 0.19 Download
38567 A200 PU A2205 A200 Duke Street Hill 0.19 Download
38568 A212 PU A2199 LA Boundary 0.19 Download
38695 A200 PU A2208 LA Boundary 0.25 Download
46107 A3 PU A215 A201/A302 0.12 Download
46781 A200 PU A2208 A2208 0.19 Download
46783 A201 PU A2 Elephant and Castle 0.68 Download
46805 A215 PU A2214 LA Boundary 1.18 Download
47604 A2208 PU Hawkstone Rd A200 0.19 Download
47606 A2214 PU A215 A2216 1.37 Download
47656 A3200 PU A201 A300 0.43 Download
48249 A302 PU A3203 A3202 0.12 Download
48350 A2199 PU LA Boundary A212 1.62 Download
48424 A2208 PU A200 A200 0.12 Download
48549 A200 PU A200 Tooley St A3 0.12 Download
48550 A212 PU LA Boundary A2199 0.25 Download
48579 A3200 PU LA Boundary A201 0.19 Download
48701 A2208 PU Rotherhithe New Rd A200 0.25 Download
56089 A2 PU A2208 LA Boundary 0.62 Download
56091 A2 PU A201/A100 A2208 1.12 Download
56099 A3 PU A300 A3202 0.19 Download
56508 A100 PU A200 A200 0.06 Download
56771 A215 PU A202 A3 1.3 Download
56899 A300 PU A3 A3202 0.19 Download
56924 A2214 PU A2216 A2215 0.37 Download
56939 A3200 PU A300 A3 0.25 Download
57532 A302 PU Elephant and Castle A302 Garden Row 0.19 Download
57611 A2216 PU A215 A2214 0.99 Download
58165 A202 PU LA Boundary Medlar St 0.19 Download
58168 A3202 PU A201 A300 0.19 Download
58323 A2208 PU A2206 Hawkstone Rd 0.19 Download
70194 A200 PU A3 A2205 0.37 Download
73304 A201 PU A3200 LA Boundary 0.12 Download
73680 A301 PU LA Boundary A201 / A3202 0.19 Download
73747 A205 PU A2216 LA Boundary 0.19 Download
75341 A215 PU Medlar St Camberwell Church St 0.19 Download
75342 A202 PU Camberwell New Rd A215 0.19 Download
75343 A202 PU Medlar St A215 0.25 Download
81073 A3203 PU A302 A201/A3202 0.19 Download
86013 A2215 PU A2214 Hanover Park 0.31 Download
86014 A2215 PU Heaton Road A202 Peckham high Street 0.56 Download
86015 A2215 PU Heaton Road A202 Hanover Park 0.37 Download
86016 A2215 PU A2214 A202 0.19 Download


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