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In 2016 Oldham had 72 count points.

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Traffic figures at the regional and national level are robust, and are reported as National Statistics. However, DfT’s traffic estimates for individual road links and small areas are less robust, as they are not always based on up-to-date counts made at these locations. Where other more up-to-date sources of traffic data are available (e.g. from local highways authorities), this may provide a more accurate estimate of traffic at these locations.

It is the responsibility of the user to decide which data are most appropriate for their purpose, and if DfT road link level traffic estimates are used, to make a note of the limitations in any published material.

DfT’s road link level traffic estimates are calculated using a variety of methods, with some methods likely to produce more accurate estimates than others.

The data tables available to download here contain two columns - Estimation_method and Estimation_method_detailed – showing the method used to estimate traffic for each location and year. Figures having an estimation method of “Counted” are likely to be more accurate than those marked as “Estimated”, and the latter should be used with caution.

Oldham 2016 count points

Download all street-level traffic data for Oldham from 2000 to 2016. About traffic data.

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Count Point id Road Road category Start Junction End Junction Length (miles) AADF all years (CSV)
6605 A62 PA B6477 A672 0.62 Download
6606 A62 PA M60 A6048 1.24 Download
7433 A669 PA LA Boundary A663 1.12 Download
7434 A669 PA A635 A6109 0.75 Download
7435 A670 PA A6051 A6052 0.87 Download
8273 A669 PA A6048 A627 0.19 Download
8457 A671 PA A6048 A663 0.68 Download
17377 A663 TA A669 A627(M) 0.62 Download
17386 A669 PA A627 A627 0.19 Download
17708 A6048 PA A669 A627 0.37 Download
27385 A671 PA A627 A627 0.25 Download
27416 A640 PA A6052 LA Boundary 2.42 Download
27456 A670 PA A6052 A62 1.99 Download
27461 A672 PA Coleridge Rd A6052/A640 2.17 Download
27808 A6050 PA A669 LA Boundary 0.56 Download
27809 A6052 PA Streethouse Lane A670 0.5 Download
27823 A6104 PA A62 A627 1.55 Download
27981 A669 PA A6050 A670 0.81 Download
36632 A62 PA A627 A669 roundabout 0.75 Download
36633 A62 PA A663 A6104 1.37 Download
37433 A627 PA A6104 A62 0.99 Download
37492 A663 PA A627(M) A671 0.93 Download
37501 A670 PA LA Boundary A669 0.75 Download
37848 A6048 PA A627 A671 0.31 Download
37957 A669 PA A663(T) A6048 0.75 Download
38356 A627 PA A62 Union St West 0.12 Download
46072 A627(M) TM A663 LA Boundary 0.93 Download
46627 A62 PA A6052 A670 1.8 Download
46628 A62 PA A62 Manchester St roundabout A627 King St 0.31 Download
47463 A669 PA A62 A6050 2.61 Download
47468 A672 PA A640/A6052 LA Boundary 2.36 Download
47810 A6048 PA A62 A669 0.5 Download
47811 A6052 PA A62 A640 2.49 Download
48029 A627 PA A6048 A627(M) 0.87 Download
56505 A62 PA A6048 A627 0.43 Download
56547 A627 PA A62 A6048 0.56 Download
56615 A62 PA A672 Lower Turf lane 1.68 Download
56868 A663 PA A671 LA Boundary 3.11 Download
57454 A663 TA M60 A669 1.43 Download
57824 A6104 PA A6104 spur M60 0.5 Download
60048 A670 PA A669W A669E 0.43 Download
70324 A627(M) TM A663 A663 0.12 Download
70325 A627 PA A6048 A671 0.31 Download
70326 A671 PA A627 A6048 0.37 Download
70327 A627 PA Union St Middleton Rd 0.25 Download
73666 A62 PA A650 LA Boundary 1.24 Download
73667 A635 PA A669 LA Boundary 3.98 Download
73781 A62 PA LA Boundary A663 0.31 Download
73782 A663 PA A62 LA Boundary 0.5 Download
73783 A663 PA LA Boundary A6104 0.06 Download
73784 A6104 PA LA Boundary A663 0.19 Download
73878 A627 PA LA Boundary A6104 1.06 Download
73881 A635 PA LA Boundary A669 1.24 Download
73882 A640 PA LA Boundary A672 0.81 Download
73884 A671 PA A663 LA Boundary 1.68 Download
74252 A670 PA A669 A6051 0.25 Download
74253 A6051 PA A699 A670 0.31 Download
74254 A669 PA A6109 A670 0.12 Download
74463 A663 TA A627M A627 0.12 Download
74589 M60 TM LA Boundary 22 1.68 Download
74670 A669 PA A627 A62/B6477 0.19 Download
74671 A669 PA A627 A62/B6477 0.19 Download
77004 A6104 PA A663 A6104 spur 0.43 Download
77005 A6104 PA A663 A6104 Hollinwood Avenue 0.37 Download
77006 M60 TM 21 A6104 spur 0.31 Download
77007 M60 TM A6104 spur 22 0.56 Download
77008 A62 PA A6104 M60 0.12 Download
77879 A6052 PA Streethouse Lane A62 0.81 Download
77880 A62 PA Lower Turf Lane A6052 2.05 Download
77881 A672 PA A62 Coleridge Rd 1.68 Download
99614 M60 TM 21 LA Boundary 1.55 Download
99617 A663 TA A6104 M60 0.43 Download


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