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East Sussex

In 2016 East Sussex had 150 count points.

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Traffic figures at the regional and national level are robust, and are reported as National Statistics. However, DfT’s traffic estimates for individual road links and small areas are less robust, as they are not always based on up-to-date counts made at these locations. Where other more up-to-date sources of traffic data are available (e.g. from local highways authorities), this may provide a more accurate estimate of traffic at these locations.

It is the responsibility of the user to decide which data are most appropriate for their purpose, and if DfT road link level traffic estimates are used, to make a note of the limitations in any published material.

DfT’s road link level traffic estimates are calculated using a variety of methods, with some methods likely to produce more accurate estimates than others.

The data tables available to download here contain two columns - Estimation_method and Estimation_method_detailed – showing the method used to estimate traffic for each location and year. Figures having an estimation method of “Counted” are likely to be more accurate than those marked as “Estimated”, and the latter should be used with caution.

East Sussex 2016 count points

Download all street-level traffic data for East Sussex from 2000 to 2016. About traffic data.

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Count Point id Road Road category Start Junction End Junction Length (miles) AADF all years (CSV)
6258 A21 TA B2099 B2087 1.8 Download
6259 A21 TA B2244 B2089 2.61 Download
6262 A22 PA A272 A275 6.03 Download
6264 A22 PA B2124 A26 5.97 Download
6290 A26 PA A2029 B2192 0.68 Download
6828 A259 PA A2101 B2093 1.99 Download
6830 A259 PA Cherry Garden Rd A22 0.93 Download
6842 A267 PA A22 A265 7.27 Download
6845 A272 PA A27 A267 5.16 Download
6852 A275 PA A2029 B2116 1.12 Download
6867 A295 PA High Street/North Street A271 0.99 Download
7556 A2100 PA B2159 Battle Rd A271 3.23 Download
7840 A2021 PA A2040 A259 0.62 Download
8252 A259 PA Brighton Rd South Way 0.31 Download
8253 A259 PA A2102 London Road A2101 Harold Place 0.87 Download
8325 A269 PA B2098 roundabout B2182 0.5 Download
8386 A26 PA B2192 A22 5.84 Download
8404 A275 PA A277 A2029 0.75 Download
8631 A26 PA A22 A272 0.37 Download
16245 A21 PA A2101 St Helens Road A2100 Junction Road 1.24 Download
16248 A22 PA A267 Coldharbour Road 0.37 Download
16249 A2270 PA A2021 A27 1.99 Download
16802 A259 PA A259 Trunk A2102 London Road 2.55 Download
16803 A259 PA Pacific Drive, Eastbourne A27 2.49 Download
16804 A259 PA Bishopstone Rd Alfriston Road 1.93 Download
16814 A265 PA B2096 Scotsford Road 3.04 Download
16815 A267 PA A272 B2100 6.15 Download
16817 A271 PA A22/A267 B2104 London Rd 0.68 Download
16824 A275 PA UNC A22 4.85 Download
17515 A2029 PA A2029 Fisher St A275 0.99 Download
17833 A259 PA A22 A2040 0.19 Download
18156 A277 PA A27(T) Montacute Rd, Lewes 0.5 Download
18233 A259 TA A268 Wish Street A268 Fishmarket Road 0.62 Download
18238 A2040 PA A259 A2021/ upper ave 0.56 Download
18644 A229 PA A21 LA Boundary 0.75 Download
26262 A21 TA A2100 B2089 0.87 Download
26263 A21 PA A259 Carlisle Parade/Denmark Place A2102 London Rd 1.62 Download
26268 A22 PA A27(T) A295 1.8 Download
26304 A27 TA A26 West A26 East 1.43 Download
26305 A28 PA A268 LA Boundary 0.5 Download
26848 A269 PA B2182 A259 0.5 Download
26849 A259 PA Susan's Road A2021 0.87 Download
26850 A259 PA LA Boundary South Way/Lewes Rd 4.1 Download
26861 A268 PA A28 B2082 6.65 Download
26863 A272 PA A26 Millwood Lane 0.43 Download
26870 A275 PA B2116 A272 5.47 Download
27599 A2021 PA A2280 A22 1.06 Download
27606 A2100 PA A271 A21 3.04 Download
28280 A259 PA Brighton Rd North Way 0.37 Download
28281 A259 TA A269 A2036 0.81 Download
28282 A2102 PA A259 A21 0.99 Download
28434 A27 TA B2123 A277 2.61 Download
36261 A21 TA A229 B2099 0.68 Download
36262 A21 TA A28 B2244 2.67 Download
36267 A22 PA B2124 Coldharbour Road 2.11 Download
36291 A26 PA A27 A26 Malling St 0.87 Download
36301 A27 TA A26(T) Drusillas R/A 5.59 Download
36869 A259 TA A27 B2182 Cooden Sea Rd 5.22 Download
36870 A259 PA Afriston Road Chyngton Lane 0.62 Download
36881 A265 PA Stokes Cotts A21 6.9 Download
36882 A267 PA B2100 B2099 2.49 Download
36885 A271 PA A295 A269 6.03 Download
36886 A272 PA A275 A22 5.1 Download
36912 A295 PA Arlington Road East A295 George St/North St 0.62 Download
37641 A2036 PA A269 A259 1.62 Download
38474 A269 PA A259 B2098 0.31 Download
38714 A22 PA A26 A272 0.75 Download
38731 A27 TA A22 A259 3.04 Download
38770 A259 PA Ashford Road/Terminus Road Devonshire Place 0.62 Download
46261 A21 TA A2100 A265 4.23 Download
46262 A21 PA A2102 London Road A2101 St Helen's Road 0.75 Download
46266 A22 PA A295 A271 1.93 Download
46267 A2270 PA A259 A2021 1.93 Download
46292 A26 PA B2157 Eridge Rd, Crowborough LA Boundary 4.6 Download
46302 A27 TA A277 A26 2.17 Download
46304 A28 PA B2089 A268 4.66 Download
46863 A259 PA A2021 A2290 0.75 Download
46864 A259 PA A259 North Way/ South Way A259 spur to A26 0.31 Download
46872 A264 PA B2026 LA Boundary 2.17 Download
46874 A265 PA A267 B2096 1.55 Download
46875 A267 PA B2102 A272 1.55 Download
46878 A272 PA LA Boundary A275 1.74 Download
46884 A275 PA A272 UNC 2.73 Download
47603 A2101 PA A259 A21 2.24 Download
47910 A26 TA A27 NORTH B2109 SOUTH 4.41 Download
48319 A259 PA A2040 Ashford Road 0.12 Download
56244 A21 TA A265 A2290 0.5 Download
56264 A22 PA A275 LA Boundary 3.23 Download
56265 A27 TA A27 Lewes Road A27 Hailsham Road 0.5 Download
56278 A28 PA A21 B2099 5.28 Download
56303 A27 TA Drusillas roundabout, Berwick Gainsborough Lane, Polegate 3.36 Download
56841 A267 PA B2099 LA Boundary 1.74 Download
56847 A259 TA A259 principal A268 8.57 Download
56860 A267 PA B2101 A265 0.5 Download
56876 A268 PA B2087 Fish Market Road 0.99 Download
56884 A259 TA A269W A269E 0.81 Download
57512 A277 PA A275 A2029 0.62 Download
57639 A26 PA A26 Eastgate Street 0.25 Download
57663 A268 PA New Road Tower Street 0.06 Download
57675 A259 PA Ashford Road/Terminus Road Devonnshire Place 0.5 Download
57825 A22 PA A26 A26 2.98 Download
58134 A268 PA A259 WEST A259 EAST 0.5 Download
70208 A295 PA High Street A295 0.19 Download
70209 A295 PA North Street North Street 0.31 Download
73151 A27 TA LA Boundary B2123 0.12 Download
73470 A259 TA A268 LA Boundary 3.36 Download
73472 A268 PA A21 LA Boundary 1.06 Download
73473 A21 TA A268 LA Boundary 0.25 Download
73476 A264 PA LA Boundary B2026 3.85 Download
74862 A26 TA A259 Drove Road B2109 0.62 Download
74863 A259 PA A26 A259 The Drove roundabout 0.25 Download
75119 A2029 PA West St East Gate 0.12 Download
75120 A2029 PA North Street Eastgate Street 0.12 Download
75121 A277 PA Fisher St Eastgate Street 0.19 Download
75122 A2029 PA High St Mount Place 0.12 Download
75123 A2029 PA Fisher St Market St 0.12 Download
75124 A2029 PA Fisher St West St 0.12 Download
75125 A272 PA A275 A275 0.06 Download
75126 A259 PA B2093 A259 (trunk) 0.93 Download
76047 A259 PA A259 main route A26 0.06 Download
76048 A259 PA A259 spur toA26 A259 The Drove roundabout 0.06 Download
76049 A2029 PA High St Phoenix Causeway 0.06 Download
76050 A259 TA A2036 A259 principal 0.06 Download
76060 A259 PA A2101 Harold Place A2101 Albert Road 0.06 Download
78156 A26 PA Sweethaws Lane B2157 Eridge Rd 2.55 Download
78157 A26 PA A22 Sweethaws Lane, Crowborough 4.85 Download
78170 A259 PA Old Willingdon Road, East Dean Cherry Garden Rd, Eastbourne 2.8 Download
78171 A259 PA B2104 Pacific Drive 1.3 Download
78172 A27 TA Gainsborough Lane A22 0.19 Download
78195 A295 PA A22 Arlington Road East 0.31 Download
78196 A271 PA B2104 London Rd A295 0.93 Download
78203 A259 TA B2182 Cooden Sea Rd A269 1.55 Download
78204 A269 PA Mount Idol View A2036 0.81 Download
78205 A2100 PA A21 B2159 Battle Rd 0.75 Download
78235 A277 PA Montacute Rd A275 0.43 Download
78267 A259 PA A259 Drove Road roundabout B2109 Avis Rd 0.25 Download
78268 A259 PA B2109 Avis Rd Bishopstone Rd, Seaford 1.43 Download
78305 A259 PA Chyngton Lane, Seaford Old Willingdon Road, East Dean 3.23 Download
78681 A27 TA Hailsham Rd A27(T) 1.99 Download
78682 A22 PA A27 B2191 1.74 Download
88011 A269 PA A259(T) Junction between A269 (London Road) and A2690 0.19 Download
88012 A269 PA Junction between A269 (London Road) and A2690 Junction between A2036 and A269 0.56 Download
88013 A2690 PA Junction between A269 (London Road) and A2690 A2690 Roundabout (near glovers lane) 0.93 Download
88014 A2690 PA A2690 Roundabout (near glovers lane) Queens Way (minor road) 2.36 Download
99177 A271 PA A269 A2100 5.03 Download
99911 A2021 PA A2280 A2040 1.06 Download
99912 A2280 PA A2021 A2290 1.3 Download
99913 A2290 PA A259 A2280 0.99 Download
99914 A22 PA A2290 B2191 0.37 Download
99916 A269 PA A271 Mount Idol View, Bexhill 4.47 Download


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