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East Riding of Yorkshire

In 2016 East Riding of Yorkshire had 83 count points.

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Traffic figures at the regional and national level are robust, and are reported as National Statistics. However, DfT’s traffic estimates for individual road links and small areas are less robust, as they are not always based on up-to-date counts made at these locations. Where other more up-to-date sources of traffic data are available (e.g. from local highways authorities), this may provide a more accurate estimate of traffic at these locations.

It is the responsibility of the user to decide which data are most appropriate for their purpose, and if DfT road link level traffic estimates are used, to make a note of the limitations in any published material.

DfT’s road link level traffic estimates are calculated using a variety of methods, with some methods likely to produce more accurate estimates than others.

The data tables available to download here contain two columns - Estimation_method and Estimation_method_detailed – showing the method used to estimate traffic for each location and year. Figures having an estimation method of “Counted” are likely to be more accurate than those marked as “Estimated”, and the latter should be used with caution.

East Riding of Yorkshire 2016 count points

Download all street-level traffic data for East Riding of Yorkshire from 2000 to 2016. About traffic data.

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Traffic counts - metadata (PDF)
Count Point id Road Road category Start Junction End Junction Length (miles) AADF all years (CSV)
6057 A614 PA A614 M62 0.43 Download
6708 A614 PA A164 / A613 mini Rnbt in Holme A614 / A1079 4.1 Download
6711 A165 PA Seathorne Rd, Bridlington LA Boundary 2.55 Download
6712 A165 PA B1244 (Leven Bypass Road to Hornsea B1242 Lissett 8.64 Download
7346 A614 PA A614 spur to M62 A63 1.12 Download
7505 A1079 PA A1079 Kexby Bridge A1079 / A614 Shiptonthorpe Junction 11.06 Download
7506 A1174 PA A1079 South of Dunswell B1230 3.67 Download
7979 A164 PA A15(T) B1232 3.42 Download
8331 A63 PA Bridge over R Derwent A63 / A614 / B1230 3.91 Download
16036 M18 TM LA Boundary M62 / M18 1.3 Download
16055 M62 TM LA Boundary 35 4.16 Download
16592 A63 TA A1034 SOUTH CAVE A63 spur 6.34 Download
16695 A614 PA B1248 Road to Beverley B1248 / B1246 roundabout 0.81 Download
16699 A165 PA A614 B1253 0.5 Download
16700 A165 PA LA Boundary A1035 7.89 Download
16701 A166 PA B1251 B1248 2.8 Download
17300 A614 PA A614(T) A161 0.81 Download
17438 A1034 PA A1034 / SLIP Road FROM A63 A1034 / B1230 2.3 Download
18510 M18 TM M62 M18 0.87 Download
18660 A1079 PA A614 A1034 2.42 Download
26057 M62 TM 36 37 2.61 Download
26727 A163 PA LA Boundary A614 7.08 Download
26728 A164 PA Grange Way, Beverley A614 10.5 Download
26733 A166 PA B1248 A614 roundabout 5.28 Download
27365 A614 PA A614 / B1230 / A63 A614 / A613 Rnbt HOLME 7.39 Download
27882 A1079 PA A1079 A1174 3.48 Download
27966 A614 PA A164 A166 0.99 Download
36746 A161 PA LA Boundary Wroots Ave, Goole 5.97 Download
36748 A614 PA A1079 B1248 9.57 Download
36751 A165 PA B1253 A1038 0.5 Download
36752 A165 PA A1035 B1244 1.18 Download
36754 A166 PA LA Boundary B1251 11.43 Download
37558 A1035 PA A1174 A165 4.78 Download
37559 A1041 PA A614 A645 1.86 Download
37617 A1174 PA B1230 A1035 1.37 Download
38612 M18 TM M18 spur M62 0.81 Download
46054 M62 TM 35 - M18 36 - Goole 2.42 Download
46735 A614 PA B1246 / B1248 A164 split 3.85 Download
46740 A165 PA A1038 A614 0.75 Download
46742 A166 PA B1248 B1248 Road TO BEVERLEY 0.81 Download
47377 A614 PA A1041 M62 2.8 Download
48594 M62 TM SPUR M62 0.93 Download
56057 M62 TM 37 38 8.2 Download
56571 A164 PA A164 / B1232 NORWOOD LODGE A164 BRIDGE OVER A1079 3.85 Download
56635 A63 TA M62 A63 2.98 Download
56911 A614 PA Western Rd A614 spur to M62 2.05 Download
57556 A1033 PA B1240 B1362 13.36 Download
57557 A1034 PA B1230 Beverley over High Hunsley A1079 4.97 Download
57978 A15 PA A63 A164 / A1105 0.31 Download
58366 A1079 PA A1079 / A1034 A1079 / A1035 7.83 Download
58451 A1079 PA A1035 A164 2.36 Download
60060 A614 PA A645 M62 1.12 Download
73407 A614 PA LA Boundary A1041 1.86 Download
73458 A645 PA LA Boundary A614 1.12 Download
73459 A1041 PA A645 LA Boundary 0.43 Download
73464 A63 TA A63 spur LA Boundary 2.11 Download
73465 A1105 PA Heads Lane LA Boundary 1.37 Download
73466 A1079 PA A1174 LA Boundary 0.25 Download
73467 A1033 PA A1079 LA Boundary 0.43 Download
73469 A1033 PA A1033(T) B1240 2.24 Download
73710 A1033 TA LA Boundary A1033 non-trunk 0.5 Download
74871 M62 TM 38 A63 0.31 Download
77576 A164 PA A164 road bridge over A1079 Wingfield Way roundabout 0.43 Download
77577 A1035 PA A164 / B1248 Grange Way 0.25 Download
77584 A165 PA Kingston Rd A1038 0.56 Download
77585 A614 PA road to Bessingby Gate A165 0.19 Download
77586 A165 PA A1038 Seathorne Rd 0.25 Download
77621 A161 PA Wroots Avenue A614 RawcliffeRd 1.68 Download
77622 A614 PA A161 Western Rd 0.68 Download
77640 A1105 PA A164 Heads Lane 0.31 Download
80459 A1035 PA A1079 B1248 1.24 Download
80460 A1035 PA B1248 A164 1.24 Download
80461 A1035 PA A164 A1035 1.43 Download
81498 A614 PA A166 Bridlington Bay Road 9.51 Download
81499 A614 PA Bridlington Bay Road Road from Bessingby Gate, Bridlington 1.62 Download
81500 A165 PA B1242 Moor Lane 3.98 Download
81501 A165 PA Moor Lane Kingston Rd, Bridlington 1.43 Download
81502 A165 PA Bridlington Bay Road and A614 Moor Lane and A165 1.18 Download
84009 A1035 PA A165 Hornsey 5.53 Download
86061 A15 PA LA Boundary A1105 1.3 Download
86062 A63 PA A63 main route A15 0.5 Download
86063 A164 PA A165 A1174 1.74 Download
99071 A645 PA LA Boundary A1041 2.55 Download


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