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In 2016 Central Bedfordshire had 87 count points.

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Traffic figures at the regional and national level are robust, and are reported as National Statistics. However, DfT’s traffic estimates for individual road links and small areas are less robust, as they are not always based on up-to-date counts made at these locations. Where other more up-to-date sources of traffic data are available (e.g. from local highways authorities), this may provide a more accurate estimate of traffic at these locations.

It is the responsibility of the user to decide which data are most appropriate for their purpose, and if DfT road link level traffic estimates are used, to make a note of the limitations in any published material.

DfT’s road link level traffic estimates are calculated using a variety of methods, with some methods likely to produce more accurate estimates than others.

The data tables available to download here contain two columns - Estimation_method and Estimation_method_detailed – showing the method used to estimate traffic for each location and year. Figures having an estimation method of “Counted” are likely to be more accurate than those marked as “Estimated”, and the latter should be used with caution.

Central Bedfordshire 2016 count points

Download all street-level traffic data for Central Bedfordshire from 2000 to 2016. About traffic data.

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Count Point id Road Road category Start Junction End Junction Length (miles) AADF all years (CSV)
6079 A1 TU A603/B1042 GEORGETOWN ROAD 0.93 Download
6147 A5 TR LA Boundary A4012 3.91 Download
7722 A6001 PU A6001 Shortmead St B1040 0.62 Download
7985 A4012 PR A5(T) Park St/Leighton St 4.85 Download
8708 A505 PR Cradock Rd LA Boundary 0.87 Download
16073 A1 TR End of A1M A6001 Holme Green 4.23 Download
16137 A5 TU A5120 A505 0.81 Download
17046 A418 PR LA Boundary A505 0.25 Download
17679 A5120 PR Churh Road A507 3.11 Download
18165 A600 PU LA Boundary A6001 0.5 Download
18378 A5 TU A505 Great Northern Rd 0.43 Download
18697 A600 PU A6001 A507 1.43 Download
18698 A507 PU A600 A600 1.68 Download
26001 M1 TM LA boundary 12 3.91 Download
26083 A1 TR A6001/B658 Orchards Way 1.99 Download
27114 A4012 PR Park St/Leighton St A5130 0.25 Download
27724 A4146 PR LA Boundary LA boundary 1.62 Download
27775 A5130 PR A4012 LA Boundary 1.8 Download
28073 A505 PR A1081 LA Boundary 0.06 Download
36145 A5 TR A505 French's Avenue 0.93 Download
38074 A507 PR A5120 A6 3.54 Download
38724 A6 PR B655 Luton Rd B655 Bedford Rd 1.68 Download
38787 A505 PU Station Rd A5065 1.18 Download
46002 M1 TM 10 LA Boundary 3.04 Download
46079 A1 TR A6001 Holme Green A6001/B658 2.42 Download
46150 A5 TR Beech Rd, Dunstable B4540 2.05 Download
46179 A6 PR B655 A507 3.85 Download
47772 A5120 PR B579 M1 1.06 Download
47870 A505 PU A5 Station Rd 0.37 Download
48300 A1 TU Orchards Way A603/B1042 0.87 Download
48705 A6 PR LA Boundary B655 Luton Rd 1.8 Download
48779 A507 PR A6 A600 3.6 Download
48780 A600 PR A507 B658 0.68 Download
57676 A4012 PR Appenine Way, Leighton Buzzard A5(T) 2.42 Download
57706 A5120 PU A5(T) A5120 Bedford Rd 0.87 Download
57769 A5120 PR Roslyn Way B579 3.23 Download
57792 A6001 PU A6001 High St Sun St 0.37 Download
57835 A6001 PU B1040 Pegasus Drive 0.93 Download
58364 A5 TR A4012 A505 2.3 Download
58404 A507 PU A600 A6001 1.3 Download
70249 A1(M) TM A507 A1 0.25 Download
73029 A4146 PR LA boundary A505 1.74 Download
73031 A4146 PR A418 LA boundary 0.62 Download
73037 A1(M) TM LA boundary 10 0.25 Download
73044 A1081 PR A505 LA boundary 0.37 Download
73046 M1 TM LA boundary 10 0.31 Download
74459 A1 TR A507 A1M 0.31 Download
77223 A6001 PR A1 Pegasus Drive, Biggleswade 0.12 Download
77225 A6001 PR Sun Street A1 0.25 Download
77374 A4012 PU A4146 Appenine Way 2.24 Download
77398 A505 PU A505 Cradock Rd 0.12 Download
77399 A5 TU Great Northern Rd Beech Rd 0.75 Download
77400 A5 TU French's Avenue A5120 0.25 Download
77402 A5120 PU A5120 High St Roslyn Way 0.31 Download
80674 A5120 PU A507 A5120 1.49 Download
81173 A505 PR A4012 A505 0.81 Download
81174 A505 PR LA Boundary A4146 0.25 Download
81175 A4146 PR LA boundary A418 0.56 Download
81282 A6 PR A507 LA Boundary 3.23 Download
81284 A600 PR B658 LA Boundary 2.98 Download
81287 A603 PR LA Boundary A1 2.42 Download
81288 A1 TR GEORGETOWN ROAD LA Boundary 2.8 Download
81316 A507 PR A4012 A5120 5.03 Download
81317 A4012 PR A5130 A507 2.67 Download
81318 A507 PR A421 Roundabout A4102 0.62 Download
81482 A421 PR LA Boundary A421 North before M1 1.68 Download
81483 A421 TR A507 LA Boundary 4.35 Download
81485 A421 TR Rounabout south of M1 and flyover Roundabout south of M1 0.56 Download
81486 A421 TR A507 LA Boundary 0.56 Download
81547 M1 TM 13 On and Off ramps LA boundary 1.62 Download
81548 M1 TM 13 on ramp 13 off ramp 0.37 Download
81549 M1 TM 12 13 off ramp 6.21 Download
81566 A421 TR Roundabout Roundabout 0.25 Download
81567 A421 TR Roundabout south of M1 oand on ramp Rounabout south of M1 and flyover 0.19 Download
81568 M1 TM Roundabout North M1 13 off ramp 0.37 Download
81569 M1 TM Roundabout North M1 13 off ramp 0.37 Download
81570 M1 TM 13 on ramp Roundabout North M1 0.19 Download
81571 M1 TM 13 off ramp Roundabout South M1 0.19 Download
86034 M1 TM 10 10A off ramp 0.37 Download
86035 A1081 PR LA boundary M1 junction 10a southern roundabout 0.68 Download
86036 A1081 PR M1 junction 10a LA boundary 0.19 Download
86037 A1081 PR M1 junction 10a southern roundabout LA boundary on bridge 0.19 Download
86038 A1081 PR M1 junction 10a southern roundabout on slip heading to M1 0.25 Download
86039 A1081 PR M1 junction 10a southern roundabout on slip heading away from M1 0.25 Download
86043 A1081 PR M1 junction 10a off slip M1 junction 10a on slip 0.25 Download
99238 A507 PR A6001 A1(M) 4.66 Download
99943 A505 PR A4146 A5 4.47 Download


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