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In 2016 Brent had 53 count points.

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Traffic figures at the regional and national level are robust, and are reported as National Statistics. However, DfT’s traffic estimates for individual road links and small areas are less robust, as they are not always based on up-to-date counts made at these locations. Where other more up-to-date sources of traffic data are available (e.g. from local highways authorities), this may provide a more accurate estimate of traffic at these locations.

It is the responsibility of the user to decide which data are most appropriate for their purpose, and if DfT road link level traffic estimates are used, to make a note of the limitations in any published material.

DfT’s road link level traffic estimates are calculated using a variety of methods, with some methods likely to produce more accurate estimates than others.

The data tables available to download here contain two columns - Estimation_method and Estimation_method_detailed – showing the method used to estimate traffic for each location and year. Figures having an estimation method of “Counted” are likely to be more accurate than those marked as “Estimated”, and the latter should be used with caution.

Brent 2016 count points

Download all street-level traffic data for Brent from 2000 to 2016. About traffic data.

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Count Point id Road Road category Start Junction End Junction Length (miles) AADF all years (CSV)
7051 A404 PA A4005 A4005 0.31 Download
7052 A404 PA A406 A407 0.93 Download
7055 A406 PA LA Boundary A404 0.68 Download
7061 A407 PA A404 A4088 1.12 Download
7613 A4005 PA LA Boundary A4089 0.37 Download
8087 A4089 PA A404 A479 0.93 Download
8467 A404 PA A404 Craven Park Road A404 High Street Harlesden 0.31 Download
8492 A404 PA A219 La Boundary 1.06 Download
17013 A404 PA A409 A4127 0.87 Download
17014 A404 PA A4089 A4089 0.31 Download
17023 A407 PA A4003 A5 0.81 Download
17578 A4000 PA LA Boundary A404 0.25 Download
17580 A4005 PA A404 A4127 0.75 Download
18452 A404 PA A4000 Station Rd A404 Manor Park Road 0.06 Download
27673 A4003 PA A407 A5 1.3 Download
27674 A4005 PA A4089 A4090 0.75 Download
27675 A4006 PA A4140 A5 1.55 Download
27695 A4088 PA A404 A4089 2.05 Download
27720 A4140 PA A4088 A4006 Kingsbury Rd 1.55 Download
28496 A404 PA A407 A404 split 0.19 Download
37109 A404 PA A4005 A4089 0.68 Download
37110 A404 PA A404 Manor Park Road Tubbs Road 0.25 Download
37113 A406 PA A404 A4088 1.49 Download
37734 A4088 PA A406 A407 1.06 Download
38554 A404 PA Tubbs Road A219 0.19 Download
47086 A404 PA A4127 A4088 0.37 Download
47087 A404 PA A4089 A4179 0.31 Download
47096 A407 PA A4088 A4003 0.68 Download
47672 A4005 PA A4090 A404 0.37 Download
48417 A404 PA A4000 A404 Manor Park Road 0.25 Download
56149 A5 PA LA Boundary A4003 1.3 Download
56754 A404 PA A4088 A4005 0.43 Download
56982 A4088 PA A4089 A4140 0.5 Download
57083 A4006 PA A404/A409 A4140 2.11 Download
57599 A4089 PA A4005 A4089 0.93 Download
57656 A4088 PA A4140 A4088 split 0.5 Download
57713 A4127 PA LA Boundary A404 0.43 Download
74691 A4088 PA A4088 split A406 0.25 Download
74692 A4088 PA A4088 split A406 0.19 Download
74693 A406 PA A4088 (midpoint) A4088 Neasden Lane North 0.06 Download
75034 A4140 PA A4006 LA Boundary 0.06 Download
75127 A5 PA LA Boundary LA Boundary 0.06 Download
75129 A5 PA LA Boundary LA Boundary 0.06 Download
75131 A5 PA LA Boundary LA Boundary 0.12 Download
75135 A5 PA LA Boundary LA Boundary 0.31 Download
79998 A404 PA A4179 A406 0.87 Download
79999 A4089 PA A4179 A4088 0.31 Download
88038 A406 PA A4088/A406 cross (near vicarage way) A406 meets Waterloo Road 0.93 Download
88039 A406 PA A406 meets Waterloo Road Roundabout where A5 Edware Road meetings A406 North Circular Road 0.31 Download
88042 A406 PA A406 meets Waterloo Road On A406 close to tilling road roundabout (parallel to Etheridge Road) 0.81 Download
88045 A5 PA A5 W Hendon Broadway parallel to Woolmead Avenue A5 Edgware Road meets Oxgate Lane (near Argos Staples Corner & Bensons for Beds) 0.5 Download
88046 A5 PA Roundabout where A5 Edware Road meetings A406 North Circular Road A5 Edgware Road meets Oxgate Lane (near Argos Staples Corner & Bensons for Beds) 0.25 Download
88047 A5 PA A5 Edgware Road meets Oxgate Lane (near Argos Staples Corner & Bensons for Beds) A5 Cricklewood Broadway near Travel Lodge & Beacon Bingo 0.99 Download


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