Details of non-standard traffic signs approved in England since 1 January 2011.

Date Case Traffic Authorisation Applicant Scheme
Date Case Traffic Authorisation Applicant Scheme
18/08/2016 4461 Remote Control Temporary Traffic Management VMS Aspects for use on Motorways and Trunk Roads
(PDF - 4312 KB)
Highways England VMS
16/08/2016 4465 No Motor Vehicles Sign 619, Except for Authorised Vehilces, M1 Junction 19 Improvement Scheme
(PDF - 561 KB)
Highways England Regulatory signs
16/08/2016 4452 Split Advance Stop Lines, Cromwell Rd, Junction-Ashburn Place,Grenville Place, Ashburn Gdns, TfL
(PDF - 2213 KB)
Transport for London Road Markings - Other
11/08/2016 4442 No Motor Vehicles Except Tractors, Thornford Road, Headley
(PDF - 1764 KB)
Hampshire County Council Regulatory signs
10/08/2016 4436 Diagram 620 Plate Variation, A303 Emergency Diversion Route , Highways England
(PDF - 2298 KB)
Highways England Regulatory signs
14/07/2016 4403 Wig-Wags, Poole Bridge, Borough of Poole
(PDF - 1835 KB)
Borough of Poole Traffic Signals – Wig-Wags
07/07/2016 4432 Split Advanced Stop Line, Lewisham High Street, TfL
(PDF - 1831 KB)
Transport for London Road Markings - Other
27/06/2016 4435 Various Direction Signs, Junctions 2-4a, M3 ALR scheme, Highways England
(PDF - 2370 KB)
Highways England Direction Signs
23/06/2016 4439 Temporary Parking Suspension & No Stopping Except Authorised Vehicles, Area-wide, Bournemouth
(PDF - 1150 KB)
Bournemouth Borough Council Parking - Temporary Suspension
26/05/2016 4446 Cycle Direction Signs, Various Locations, TfL Cycle Superhighway
(PDF - 10845 KB)
Transport for London Cycling – Other
19/05/2016 4443 Temporary Parking Suspension Sign, Area-wide, Torbay, Devon
(PDF - 1316 KB)
Torbay Council Parking - Temporary Suspension
06/05/2016 4430 No Entry Except Trams and Cycles, Area-wide, Nottingham
(PDF - 1962 KB)
Nottingham City Council Site Approval for "NO ENTRY" Signs and "NO ENTRY" Road Markings
25/04/2016 4438 Temporary Parking Suspension Sign, St Albans, Herts (reauthorisation)
(PDF - 1427 KB)
Hertfordshire County Council Parking - Temporary Suspension
07/04/2016 4409 Offside Bus Lane with Authorised Vehicles, A167 Cow Hill, Newcastle
(PDF - 2846 KB)
Newcastle upon Tyne City Council Bus Lanes – Off Side
07/04/2016 4402 20mph Zone Exit Sign, Northam Estate, Southampton City Council
(PDF - 1740 KB)
Southampton City Council Speed Limit Signs
07/04/2016 4424 No Left, Right Turn with Times, Upper Richmond Road, TfL
(PDF - 1497 KB)
Transport for London Regulatory signs
05/04/2016 4328 Signs for Midland Metro Scheme, Birmingham City Council
(PDF - 6027 KB)
Birmingham City Council Bus Lanes – With Flow
05/04/2016 4419 Countdown Timers, Toucan Crossings & Cycle Markings, Area-wide, Kingston-upon-Thames
(PDF - 1610 KB)
Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames Cycling - General
04/04/2016 4382 Toucan Crossing with Countdown, Area-wide, LB Barking and Dagenham
(PDF - 1679 KB)
London Borough of Barking & Dagenham Traffic Signals - Direction Arrows
04/04/2016 4421 Off-side Bus Lanes with Authorised Vehicles, Dudley Road & High Street, Wolverhampton
(PDF - 4571 KB)
Wolverhampton Borough Council Bus Lanes – Off Side
29/03/2016 4426 Cycle Race Stop Sign, Area-wide, Hertfordshire
(PDF - 1193 KB)
Hertfordshire County Council Cycling – Other
29/03/2016 4388 Countdown Timers & ASLs, Junction of Cricketfield Rd, Downs Park Rd & Pembury Rd, LB Hackney
(PDF - 4080 KB)
London Borough of Hackney Traffic Signals - Direction Arrows
14/03/2016 4400 No Right Turn with Time Limits, Harvil Road, Ickenham
(PDF - 1761 KB)
London Borough of Hillingdon Regulatory signs
14/03/2016 4412 Variant of 953.2 Plate for Bus Gate, Vincents Walk, Southampton
(PDF - 1589 KB)
Southampton City Council Bus Lane - Bus Gates
10/03/2016 4427 Temporary VMS Wicket Sign (Reauthorisation), Highways England
(PDF - 2112 KB)
Highways England Variable Message Signs (VMS)


Details of non-standard traffic signs approved in England since 1 January 2011.


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