(F) Smart Cards and Ticketing [10 June 2013]

Research in this area has built on previous work on development of the ITSO specification for an interoperable ticketing interface. The specification covers all aspects of the ticketing life cycle, including the back office functions. It will enable the customer to use one smart card (or other smart media) to travel across any ITSO scheme. The specification is Crown Copyright and available free of charge. This research programme has looked at the potential of smart cards and other smart media such as mobile phones for ticketing to enable seamless travel across transport modes. We have considered the opportunities and limitations offered by new technologies and emerging solutions and managed three desk research studies looking at Existing Smart Cards schemes (wider than just transport), e-Money in Public Transport and the potential for Be-in Be-out payment systems (where a passenger's presence is automatically detected). Current research is also looking at wider ITSO implementation issues. The potential use of so-called "Low Cost" smart cards is being investigated in the Cheshire smart card scheme and the potential for multi-modal citizen services smart cards is being investigated in the wider Yorcard scheme. New research which began at the start of 2008 is investigating the applicability and commercial benefits of Near Field Communications for smart ticketing on mobile phones.