5. Foresight Vehicle - Archived [11 June 2013]

The Foresight Vehicle Programme is a major initiative of Government which was established about 4 years ago to bring together UK resources and expertise to create components and systems for the vehicles of the future. Over 250 separate organisations are actively involved, including vehicle and component manufacturers, Universities, industrial research organisations, national and local government, trade associations and user groups such as those representing passengers, pedestrians, logistics and networks. The main aim of this programme is to develop, demonstrate and promote technology for vehicles that will be available to the mass market by 2020. This new technology will work towards targets that include: * reducing congestion, * increasing safety, and * improving air quality. DfT involvement in Foresight Vehicle helps balance the policy driven aspects of the vehicle engineering research programme with opportunities to invest in innovative blue-sky type research leading to advanced technologies for the 21st century. In pursing this balanced approach, we expect to contribute about £4 million over a five year period. We are currently involved in eight projects and a group of further projects have received technical approval from a project management panel (PMP) consisting of industrialists, research scientists and academics. The projects support the objectives in the 10 yr plan for transport.