6. Accident Investigation [12 August 2013]

Accurate information on collisions and injuries is a fundamental requirement of the vehicle safety research programme. Almost without exception, the whole International Vehicle Standards Division safety portfolio relies upon the evidence gathered from in-depth collision/injury analysis and reconstruction to guide researchers. The evidence forms a basic aspect in justifying solutions and new standards in terms of actual benefits to motorists, road users and society. Collision data have been collected by the Department for many years with discrete programmes for collision avoidance (Cooperative Crash Injury Study - CCIS), collision mitigation (On The Spot - OTS) and specific studies for truck and bus incidents (Heavy Vehicle Crash Injury Study - HVCIS). Initiated in 2012, the Road Accident In-Depth Studies project (RAIDS) has been designed as a single programme addressing each of the areas of the former work. The RAIDS database incorporates data from the earlier programmes that were collected from the year 2000 and up to 2010. These will be supplemented by new data collected by RAIDS ensuring the database remains relevant to national vehicle fleet and to the traffic incidents that result in injuries on our roads.