2. Environmental Performance [11 June 2013]

This theme supports the development of technical standards for vehicle exhaust emissions, noise and road fuels. It supports the department's knowledge base in this fast moving area which in turn informs the on-going negotiations at national and international level (esp. EU and UN-ECE). The programme of research also supports the routine checks on the actual emissions performance of vehicles in-service and the servicing of vehicles. This information provides the basis for best practice advice and initiatives. Emissions research focusing upon test methodologies and the instrumentation to measure small particulates is significant and builds upon previous work in this area. Other projects helping to define new "drive" cycles to reflect normal use patterns of vehicles are priorities as is collecting data to help model national emissions from transport modes. New work on noise emissions from new technology vehicles is a priority which will feed into a city centre noise mapping exercise. New work on alternative fuels is also set to advance our understanding of the effectiveness of these new fuels.