Project: Evaluation of Traffic Modelling and Appraisal Research Programme

Reference: H128

Last update: 19/11/2003 10:12:34


The objective of this project is to look at the process and content of a selection of completed projects, and assess whether research resources had been effectively applied and managed.
In addition, we will consider whether the research has impacted on improving techniques for traffic forecasting and modelling.


The project starts with consideration of the rationale and objectives of ITEA (formerly HETA)'s research. This project will then look at how effectively the work has been implemented and whether benefits can be found and measured arising from outcomes of the research, for example by better guidance on appraisal methods for road schemes and other transport schemes.

The evaluation includes interviews with main users of ITEA's research outputs and guidance, for example Highways Agency and major consultants.


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Contract details

Cost to the Department: £26,400.00

Actual start date: 12 October 2001

Actual completion date: 28 December 2001


Evaluation of Traffic Modelling and Appraisal Research
Author: AEA Technology
01 December 2001
Source: DfT Website
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Summary of results

  1. Report issued by AEA 11 Jan 2002; recommends better tracking of how ITEA responds to SACTRA recommendations; more involvement of outside experts; greater transparency; overcome internal resource constraints; try some use of "open call" tenders; fewer delays and consultations over specifications; get wider contractor-base; specify draft guidance as a deliverable from work; widely distribute newsletters and information on research in hand; use website more for disseminating results

Departmental Assessment Status: Project completed prior to the implementation in the Departmental publications scheme.