Project: Quality and Use Aspects of Vehicle Adaptations for Disabled (QUAVADIS)

Reference: UG375

Last update: 10/11/2003 16:11:40


The scope of this project is to monitor and evaluate how Community Codes are being used within the member states. To identify the procedures currently in place to enable people with disabilities to obtain a driving licence, and to stimulate the dissemination of knowledge and contact between experts in this field. In conjunction with this, the project also aims to establish a quality marking system for car adaptations and to develop evaluation criteria against which to measure adaptations for drivers with a physical disability.


This is part of a European project partly funded by the European Commission's DG-TREN. The Driving Licence Directive 2000/56/EC incorporates Community codes that state the conditions on which the driver is authorised to drive. A part of these conditions are related to car adaptions for drivers with a physical disability.


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Contract details

Cost to the Department: £14,859.00

Actual start date: 22 August 2001

Actual completion date: 30 April 2003


QUAVADIS Final Report
Author: QUAVADIS Consortium
Publication date: 30/06/2003
Source: QUAVADIS website
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Summary of results

  1. The driving licence data obtained through the contractor was according to the work specification set by the European project manager.
    Because EEC member states collect and store information in different ways it was difficult to compare data between countries.