Project: Estimation of Local Roads Treatment Factors

Reference: UG369

Last update: 18/11/2003 15:12:03


The project will enhance the calculation of the value of maintenance work outstanding on the local road network. Factors previously used (derived from Highways Agency, ie trunk road, data) are not reliable when used for local roads' backlog of maintenance. Four factors are to be calculated, for Urban Principal, Urban Non-Principal, Rural Principal and Rural Non-Principal networks using at least 200 inspection sites as a sample from 2000 previous inspections.


A problem with existing data from the NRMCS visual survey is that not all "identifiable" work represents viable maintenance schemes. Isolated defects are in practice too difficult, or at least not cost-effective to treat. Hence there is a need to adjust figures to bring them to a realistic value for work required.


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Contract details

Cost to the Department: £28,936.17

Actual start date: 19 February 2001

Actual completion date: 16 November 2001


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Publication date: 16/11/2001
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Summary of results

  1. This project involved the follow-up survey of around 200 sites from the 2000 National Road Maintenance Condition Survey (NRMCS). The sites all had reported defects sufficient to justify "notional maintenance". However it was believed that even if funding was not a constraint, not all of the sites would receive maintenance in practice for a number of reasons. These included limited occurrence of the defects outside the 100m limits and traffic management problems associated with executing the maintenance.

    The purpose of the survey was to estimate the proportion of "viable maintenance" within notional maintenance calculated from NRMCS. The percentage of defective sites that would practically be treated is termed the reality factor. Reality factors were determined separately for urban principal, urban non-principal, rural principal and rural non-principal roads.

Departmental Assessment Status: Project completed prior to t he implementation of the Departmental publications scheme.