Project: Integration of Puffin Pedestrian Crossing UG304

Reference: RED 12/32/20

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The aim of this study is to look at the effects of integrating PUFFIN pedestrian crossing strategy with the SCOOT logic and to establish the best method of controlling PUFFINs with the current SCOOT logic and to determine the advantages and disadvantages of putting PUFFINs under SCOOT control.


A PUFFIN is a new method of control for pedestrian crossings which uses detectors to sense the presence of pedestrians on the crossing to extend the crossing time if necessary and kerbside detector to establish pedestrian presence in the wait area. At present when SCOOT is controlling a pelican crossing, the feedback logic in SCOOT assumes (correctly) that the pedestrian stage is a fixed length. With the introduction of the PUFFIN crossing as a replacement for pelicans and at junctions, the length of time that vehicles are stopped due to pedestrians will no longer be fixed, because of the variable intergreen between the pedestrian stage and the next vehicular stage.


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Cost to the Department: £60,425.53

Actual start date: 17 November 1999

Actual completion date: 01 July 2001


Integration of Puffin Pedestrian Crossings in SCOOT
Author: A Maxwell and D Bretherton
Publication date: 31/07/2001
Source: TRL
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