Project: Cycling and Walking in the Multi-Modal Appraisal

Reference: UG308

Last update: 06/01/2004 16:27:41


The project was intended to identify deficiencies in traffic data that have prevented walking and cycling appraisal in the past. The aim was to develop modelling and appraising tools, consistent with the methodology of the New Approach to Appraisal, for the appraisal of cycling and walking. Local authorities could then use these tools, in developing their walking and cycling strategies, particularly within their Local Transport Plans.


The research was intended to build on the Guidance on the Methodology for Multi-Modal Studies (GOMMMS) and also Local Transport Plans (LTPs) to provide further advice on the appraisal of slow modes of transport.


Cyclists Touring Club
Cotterell House, 69 Meadrow, Godalming - Surrey, GU7 3HS

Contract details

Cost to the Department: £9,600.00

Actual start date: 16 May 2000

Actual completion date: 13 June 2001

Summary of results

  1. Software was developed that forecast the impact of investment in the cycling and walking infrastructure and policy initiatives on cycling and walking uptake. This was largely developed using data from other European countries. The software also contained an appraisal module that compared the infrastructure costs with the benefits resulting from the greater levels of cycling and walking. Although the project broadly satisfied the initial objectives it was felt that the software, in particular the appraisal module was not sufficiently robust. However, the project has laid a strong foundation for future work. The aim of phrase two will be to produce a software package that is sufficiently robust to be used by local authorities in developing their walking and cycling strategies.