Project: Elderly & Disabled Motorists' Requirements

Reference: UG77

Last update: 09/09/2003 15:54:16


The main objective of this project is to examine a number of issues that affect disabled motorists' ability to drive.


This project provided information on a range of motoring issues that impinge on disabled people's personal mobility. The project dealt with assessment of fitness to drive, safety implications of adapted vehicles, and participation in a European project on driver licensing and adaptations (INCA). Follow up work is now taking place on another European Commission project so that information on adapted vehicles can be made more readily available to the users of such vehicles. The project also provided surveys on client satisfaction and outcomes, following assessments carried out by MAVIS.

Results: The findings of the work on adapted vehicles are being disseminated through the publication of fact sheets, which are available on the DTLR website (fire extinguishers, airbags and EMC).


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Contract details

Cost to the Department: £100,000.00

Actual start date: 09 June 1995

Actual completion date: 30 April 2001


Factsheets for Disabled and Older Motorists
Author: MAVIS
Publication date: 20/04/2001
Source: DfT Website
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Summary of results

  1. The results of this project include a Report on the european INCA project, TRL reports on Client Satisfaction and Outcomes Surveys and Factsheets for Disabled and Older Motorists available on the DfT website.

Departmental Assessment Status: Project completed prior to the implementation of the Departmental publications scheme.