Project: Door to Door Transport for Disabled People in London Phase 2

Reference: UG229B

Last update: 21/05/2004 12:11:24


The aim of this project is to assess three pilot projects for door-to-door transport.


This project is building on previous work in this area to establish the appropriate provisions for Community Accessible Transport. Three pilot projects are being funded to inform policy. It is a co-funded project with Transport for London and the Association of London government


Transport For London
Windsor House, 42-50 Victoria Street, London, Greater London, SW1H 0TL
020 7941 4500

Contract details

Cost to the Department: £264,000.00

Actual start date: 06 January 2000

Actual completion date: 31 December 2003

Summary of results

  1. A number of different models were set up in different areas of London to look at a range of options. this project evaluated and monitored these options and produced recommendations for making the best use of resources in the dleivery of these services.