Project: TRAMAQ - Emission Modelling and Traffic Management

Reference: UG218

Last update: 01/09/2009 14:39:22


The research is required to tie in with other on-going research under the TRAMAQ programme. Several emission models are available, which describe vehicle emission as a function of vehicle operation, and some relate to models can be related to road type. However, none of these take into account the use of traffic management measures (including traffic calming) that are frequently present.

The intention is to develop an emission model that allows users to take into account the impact of traffic management schemes on vehicle emissions. The model is intended to include for all relevant types of motor vehicles and likely available fuels. It will also prepare specifications for obtaining: emission factors for a range of cars for which presently emission factors are not available; and emission factors for motorcycles according to different traffic management schemes.


This will include a literature review, and will be tied-in with other parts of the TRAMAQ programme. It will mainly deal with car emissions and vehicle operating profiles under traffic management scenarios.


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Contract details

Cost to the Department: £144,532.00

Actual start date: 14 May 2001

Actual completion date: 14 May 2004


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Traffic Emissions Calculator
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Emission modelling and Traffic Management: Inception Report
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Emission modelling and Traffic Management: State of the art review and user requirements
Author: TTR, CERC and Millbrook
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Summary of results

  1. Following discussions with local authorities to establish user requirements a model outline has been produced. Work is now continuing to develop this model in conjunction with UG216 Emission measurements.

    The specifications for emission measurements for a range of new cars and vans and for motorcycles have been prepared and received by the department.