Project: TRAMAQ - Traffic Management During High Pollution Episodes

Reference: UG212

Last update: 09/09/2003 14:57:58


The main objective of this project is to report on appropriate traffic management measures which might be used by local authorities during high pollution episodes.


Under the Environment Act 1995, local authorities are required to examine air quality and where necessary take action to improve the situation. Their action plans could benefit from episode management systems. Although such systems have been used to a limited degree in other countries, no investigations have been made into how, or what systems, might be appropriate in the UK, particularly studying the infrastructure that might be required. The project is examining systems used in other countries, and assessing their appropriateness for use in this country, or how they can be modified to suit local conditions. The results will be disseminated by reports, technical papers and, if appropriate, Traffic Advisory Leaflets.


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Contract details

Cost to the Department: £121,370.00

Actual start date: 13 April 1999

Actual completion date: 21 December 2001


Traffic Management during High Pollution Episodes Inception Report
Author: Transport and Travel Research
May 1999
Source: Contact Cathy Plover at Transport and Travel Research Tel.Tel: +44 (0)1543 416416, or Eric Wyatt at the DfT:

Departmental Assessment Status: Project completed prior to the implementation of the Departmental publications scheme.