Project: Countryside Traffic Measures Group

Reference: UG205

Last update: 06/01/2004 15:35:00


This project supports the Countryside Commission's Countryside Traffic Measures Group (CTMG). It aims to develop, through demonstration, good practice guidance on rural traffic management, designed with sensitivity for the countryside environment. Effectiveness of the schemes and measures is being investigated through a before and after monitoring programme of each scheme. Information will be disseminated through published reports, Traffic Advisory Leaflets, articles in technical journals, and presentations to professional audiences.


This study was to provide monitoring support to the Countryside Agency, the public supported the concept of 'Quiet Lanes' - conspicuous urban traffic signs were not wanted in rural areas.


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Contract details

Cost to the Department: £301,971.00

Actual start date: 19 February 1998

Actual completion date: 10 October 2001


TRL Report PR/TT/146/99 Countryside Traffic Measures Group: Schemes in Hampshire and Devon
Author: Allan Wheeler
Source: Limited availability from DfT

TRL 501 Countryside Traffic Measures Group: A traffic calming scheme at Charlwood, Surrey
Author: AH Wheeler, JV Kennedy, G Harris, RE Stait, GJ Davies and JM Green
Source: TRL

TRL 502 Countryside Traffic Measures Group: Demonstration schemes
Author: JV Kennedy and AH Wheeler
Source: TRL

Summary of results

  1. The conclusion drawn from this work was that the measures monitored were not generlally effective in reducing traffic speed, but were acceptable to the public as far as appearance was concerned. The results will be used in further follow up work to evaluate 'natural traffic calming' methods. It was acknowledged that sometimes research produces some very good ideas that are not practical and therfore not implementable.

Departmental Assessment Status: Project completed prior to the implementation of the Departmental publications scheme.