Project: Safe Town Initiative: Environmental Effects

Reference: UG106

Last update: 20/01/2010 15:03:41


The objective of this project is to monitor and report on the environmental effects of the Gloucester Safe Town project over a five-year period.


Road Safety Division's Safe Town project, S2041, is examining the road safety effects of area-wide engineering measures in Gloucester over a five year period. The purpose of UG106 is to monitor the effects on the environment of the engineering measures, with particular reference to air quality, noise, traffic induced ground vibrations, and the public's perception of changes in these. The project is also examining the benefits and disbenefits of measures in environmental terms, and how these results might be interpreted for similar measures in other towns. A final report will be published of the results of the investigations. Guidance will be produced, taking into account the findings of UG93, on good practice for minimising any adverse effects of traffic management on the environment.


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Contract details

Cost to the Department: £832,881.71

Actual start date: 25 June 1996

Actual completion date: 21 November 2003


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Summary of results

  1. Given the overriding effects of the changes in vehicle technology and fuel in recent years , the introduction of safety/traffic management measures in Gloucester has not led to significant changes in local air pollution levels. As the effects of catalyst technology and fuel changes stabilise over time, the effects of traffic speed control measures could begin to have an effect on roadside air quality. That said, this study has shown that these effects are likely to be small and localised to the immediate vicinity of the scheme.

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