Project: Integrated National Rail Model Development

Reference: H102N

Last update: 23/03/2007 10:11:20


This research is to create a rail modelling sytem, compatible with the 'PASS1' model used for road modes, to enable option testing of different rail policy options.

Consultants are developing a rail network model. It will have modules to deal with Cost Changes and Rail Fare models, and create a specification for an interface with the Department's TUBA cost-benefit programme.


This forms part of the work on the multi-modal National transport Model. As part of the national transport modelling, this project created a model of rail passenger travel. Previous models used within DETR had lacked spatial detail. A rail demand forecast was made using appropriately detailed rail trip matrices, derived from CAPRI information.


Oscar Faber
Beaufort House, 94/96 Newhall Street, Birmingham, B3 1PB
0121 262 1900

Contract details

Cost to the Department: £141,000.00

Actual start date: 01 April 2001

Actual completion date: 30 November 2003


DfT Rail Modelling Framework - Model Development Report
Author: Faber Maunsell
Publication date: 31/07/2004
Source: DfT Website
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Summary of results

  1. The project resulted in a Model Development Report.

Departmental Assessment Status: project completed prior to Department's publication scheme