Project: Accident Report Analysis

Reference: S071J/VF

Last update: 15/08/2003 12:14:02


This project will analyse the CCIS database in order to assist the Department's identification of road safety priorities.

The analysis could include:
* assessment of the effectiveness of the latest technologies such as airbags, seat belt pre-tensioners, etc;
* provision of real world accident data in support of legislative negotiations e.g. lower leg injuries; and a
* review of particular injury types, their severities and the potential for legislation to reduce them; e.g. injury mechanisms in side impact to support dummy design.


This project was designed to deliver short analysis specific report papers, each covering a specific topic investigation analysis of the CCIS foxpro database. These papers would be expected to answer possible future questions on use/effectiveness of recent vehicle safety changes such as airbags and seat belt pretensioners. A paper may be expanded to provide further analysis or combined into a published research report to suit departmental needs.

The project will use the real world accident database established by the Co-operative Crash Injury Study (CCIS) (project references S073B/VF, S074B/VF). Although CCIS is conducted in collaboration with the vehicle industry, the focus of CCIS analysis is on the identification of legislative priorities and there are no other customers.

Verification of trends or injury clusters would help to direct future research where most benefit might be achieved, adding value to existing CCIS investments.

Previous research into vehicle front and side impact has resulted in design changes combined with new technology.

This project analysis would seek to confirm and prove the safety effectiveness of such changes.


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Contract details

Cost to the Department: £93,000.00

Actual start date: 16 September 1997

Actual completion date: 30 November 2001


PR/SE/176/00 Comparison of Euro NCAP assessments with injury causation in accidents. Paper published at 17th ESV 2001
Author: Fails, Adrian and Minton, Roy; TRL Ltd
Publication date: 04/06/2001
More information:

Accident Analyses for the Review of the Frontal and Side Impact Directive. (Sub/97/501215/TRL)
Author: Wykes, Nial - Report to the European Commission DGIII, TRL, UK, 1998
Publication date: 29/12/1998
Source: mailto:

Summary of results

  1. A review of the frontal & side impact Directives provided a considerable input to the review programme and also fed into the Department's crashworthiness research.

    Investigation into injury mechanisms leading to hip, femur and knee injuries fed into the development of advanced frontal impact protection.

    Investigation of the link between vehicles crashed in real world accidents to those tested under EuroNCAP procdures and found that broadly speaking there is good correlation.

    Finbal study provided accident injury information for use in the related 'Improved Injury Criteria' project S086D/VF.