Project: Value of Travel Time Savings and Reliability

Reference: TASM12002 & TASM13002

Last update: 26/11/2013 15:56:44


The Department for Transport's values of travel time savings and travel time reliability are central to assessment of the value for money of most transporrt schemes, and are of intense interest to many stakeholders. The Department keeps the evidence for the values of travel time savings and reliability under constant review. A scoping study was commissioned to provide up-to-date technical academic advice on evidence needs, as an input to a broader decision on what further analysis to pursue. This included recommendation for re-estimating non-work values of time. TASM has a programme of work due to begin shortly, within which we will work with colleagues across the Department to take a decision on whether or not the recommendation to re-survey these values of time should be accepted. If the conclusion is that it should, this research funding will be necessary. This research will be one component of a wider programme of analysis for which the other work will be completed in-house.


Two projects:
TASM 12002 - meta-analysis of value of time estimates from studies since 1994 (when the national study was undertaken) for comparison against assumed growth in values in guidance.

TASM 13002 - peer review of updates to the values of time and the elasticity applied to non-work values over time.

Both of these will inform revisions to values in guidance and priorities for future research.


Institute for Transport Studies
University of Leeds, 38 University Road, Leeds, LS2 9JT
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Contract details

Cost to the Department: £20,522.07

Actual start date: 21 November 2012

Actual completion date: 29 October 2013


Meat-analysis of post-1994 values of non-work travel time savings
Author: Mark Wardman and Phill Wheat, ITS Leeds
Publication date: 29/10/2013
Source: DfT
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Peer review of proposals for updated values of travel time savings
Author: James Laird, John Bates and Peter Mackie
Publication date: 29/10/2013
Source: DfT
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Summary of results

  1. TASM12002 showed that the non-work values in WebTAG compare well with evidence from other sources and, despite the age of the underlying evidence, remain appropriate for use.
    TASM13002 peer reviewed proposed changes to both the work and non-work values, supporting both sets of changes and making recommendations for future improvements.