Project: Investigation into Regenerative Braking Systems

Reference: S1011/V8

Last update: 10/05/2011 17:51:17


The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe Regulations for the type approval of braking systems; Regulations 13 and 13-H set out the technical requirements, test methods and performance requirements for the braking systems of all vehicle categories of M, N and O.

The production of electric, hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles are rapidly increasing. In recent years both braking regulations have been amended to incorporate provisions to test and assess regenerative braking systems. However, as experience has built up since introduction of these requirements it has highlighted the need to review the approval test provisions to reflect current state of the art.

The project should examine the requirements for regenerative braking systems and their interrelationships with the normal braking system. The aim is to provide clarification on the uncertainty which surrounds some of the requirements, test methods and performance standards for regenerative braking systems.

This work will require a preliminary desktop study, and we expect this would be supplemented by dynamic vehicle testing. Input from braking system and vehicle manufacturers to establish a robust amended test regime to enhance established requirements could also prove useful. The resulting report will be used to inform policy. Should the results recommend a change to legislation we would expect any such proposals to be drafted in the UNECE format to amend the relevant regulation.



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Cost to the Department: £38,859.00

Actual start date: 18 November 2010

Actual completion date: 18 March 2011