Project: Base Year Freight Matrices Call-off Support

Reference: TASM002

Last update: 06/01/2014 15:39:01


To provide call-off support following the BYFM Study


Efficient freight transport is essential to the UK economy and to its prosperity. In turn, economic growth increases demand for goods and therefore for their transportation - locally, nationally and internationally. Goods need to be moved freely, reliably and efficiently, while minimising the impact on safety, the environment and other transport users. A sound understanding of freight movement is essential for the creation of realistic freight models used for policy, strategy and scheme appraisal.
This project is a call-off arrangement to engage support in the BYFM project from WSP Group.


66-68 Hills Road, Cambridge, CB2 1LA

Contract details

Cost to the Department: £8,333.00

Actual start date: 08 February 2011

Expected completion date: 09 November 2011