Project: Systems Mapping of National Infrastructure

Reference: SRT 7/5/22

Last update: 14/04/2010 16:37:07


To further understand the interdependencies and systemic weaknesses between components of the UK's national infrastructure.


The DfT/BERR Chief Scientific Adviser is co-leading an intiative with the Council for Science and Technology (CST), which is supported by DIUS, entitled "Modernising National Infrastructure".
This initiative aims to adopt a strategic systems-of-systems approach to ensure that the infrastructure of yesterday can effectively meet the challenges of tomorrow.
In particular the interactions and dependencies between five components (Energy, Transport, Water, Waste and ICT) and 21 sub-components of national infrastructure will be considered in light of the climatic, environmental, economic, security and demographic challenges the UK is expected to face in the long term.
The objective of this reseach is to improve the Dft, DIUS, BERR and CST's understanding of the interdependencies between principle components of UK national infrastructure systems and develop an understanding of the systemic weaknesses arising from these interdependencies.

The deliverables will be:

1. A systems map illustrating all 5 components, and 21 sub components and the inter-relationships between them

2. A discussion of the findings in terms of :
i. the strengths and weaknesses of the inter-dependencies and common entities in more than one top level component
ii. known systemic and as yet unrecognised weaknesses
iii. existing modernisation plans or projects that might cause weaknesses to be exacerbated
iv. an analysis of international relationships and inter-dependencies

3. A final written report and presentation to the sub group of the CST.


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Contract details

Cost to the Department: £42,660.00

Actual start date: 23 February 2010

Actual completion date: 31 March 2010