Project: Freight Best Practice Operator Insight Project

Reference: FLD101L

Last update: 08/02/2010 17:10:52


The aim of this project is to improve understanding of freight transport operators' motivations to engage with the Freight Best Practice programme, which can be used to drive increased awareness-to-use conversion through targeted marketing and product development.


The Freight Best practice programme promotes operational efficiency, safety, journey time reliability and CO2 reductions within freight operations - road, rail and waterways. The programme identifies and disseminates best practice and offers free impartial information, support material, research reports and guidance to industry. It targets both own account operators and the hire/reward sector and covers areas such as saving fuel, developing skills, equipment and systems, operational efficiency and performance management.

The nature of best practice programmes is that realisation of benefits depends on actual use by industry. Satisfaction with the programme is reported as high among users, including the website and the products, with a high number being willing to recommend use to their peers. However, a recent impact assessment has found that only 26% of operators were aware of FBP and only 36% of those aware of the programme had used it.

As a result, although FBP has had a significant impact on carbon emissions and fuel efficiency, there is a considerable opportunity to increase awareness and use of the programme and to further reduce carbon emissions.


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Contract details

Cost to the Department: £54,146.06

Actual start date: 25 January 2010

Expected completion date: 31 March 2010